Do you go to the dungeon?

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Tomb of Annihilation Diary

Day 1

Got teleported into Port Nyanzaro. Talked to merchant, Bati. She recommended her sisters' inn.

Met Imete, an acolyte of Savras. She was having visions of red-clad pale wizards in the Aldani Basin.

Talked to Grandfather Zitembe, high priest of Savras. Three young Tethyrian men with evil hearts were asking him questions about Artus Cimber and they left when the party arrived.

The party right now is

They were gathered by Syndra to investigate the "Soul Monger" as a possible cause of the death curse sweeping all of the planet al-Toril. That's why they are in Chult now.

The convinced Grandfa Zitembe to do a 24 hour long ritual to find out more.

They witnessed a dinosaur race.

They went to the inn and met two tabaxi – cat people. River and Flask. They hired them as guides for 1/3 of the treasure (2/6) and XP.

Day 2

They waited until the next day to hear Zitembe's answer from the other side.

Then they set off to walk upstream towards Camp Righteous. They couldn't afford boats.

Just outside the city, they met four giant wasps. No-one died but Gurdis' armor and items got wet and Tanyl got a festering wound that he cured on himself with a spell. So apparently he is a spellcaster. Gurdis also burned the wasps with sacred flame in the jungle rain so apparently there's at least two spellcasters in the party.

They made camp. Darson found a silver coin from his home town in his pocket.

Day 3

Noticing that they weren't getting full rests b/c lack of tent, they head back home. They got lost on the way home.

Day 4-7

Lost in the forest. Fled from blue mist. Met a squad from the Emerald Enclave. They seemed friendly enough but were mostly focused on fighting undead. Also met a squad of the Flaming Fist. They demanded to see the party's charter of exploration and since the party didn't have one, their tent was confiscated. They said to buy a charter and a new tent from Commander Liara Portyr at Fort Beluarian. From surviving the blue mist and the Flaming Fist they got plenty of XP.

Almost died. Found water at the last minute.

Day 8

Reached Port Nyanzaru. Met up with Rokah, a 20YO human chultan male. He said that pirates had infiltrated the subsets of Flaming Fist members that have made camp at Fort Beluarian and wanted to hire the party to accompany him there. He wants the party to distract the Flaming Fist while he search Portyr's quarters for proof that can bring the pirates to justice. He would pay for the charter of exploration (50GP) and tents for everybody and the daily fees for River and Flask. The party accepted.

Then they went to see Grandfather Zitembe at the temple of Savras. He was not into answering questions about Artus Cimber when they had Rokah in their presence and that's how they found out Rokah was a member of the chill guys, a.k.a. the cool gang. The party lost a lot of favor with Grandfa Zitembe. They decided to stick with the deal they had made Rokah, and to meet with him in four hours at Chuil's Inn. Two of those hours passed as they bought provisions and it's now around noontime on day 8.

Days 9 - 13

The party – River, Darson, Flask, Fox, Tanyl – took up Rokahs offer and set out to Fort Beluarian. He promptly got eaten by a dino. Tanyl got mad monkey fever on day 12 at 0600 o' clock. So the party abandoned their plans to buy a charter of exploration with the money Rokah had on him and instead decided to head back to Port Nyanzaru – in hopes of hiring a cleric to cast a lesser restoration spell on Tanyl to cure his mad monkey fever. It is now morning day 13.

Days 13 - 16

After two uneventful days (well Darson got poisoned by a flower) they make their way to Port Nyanzaru where they get an offer from Lerek Dashlynd to bring them a map of Chult with two ruins (Nangalore and Orolunga) marked. He'll give them a ship if they do. The party didn't think this offer was particularly hot.

They then visited Imete at the temple of Savras and she upped the ante of her vision. She offered the party 100gp if they took her with them to the aldani basin. The party didn't think this offer was particularly hot.

Then the party saved the slum dwellers in Balar's Throat who had huddled in the Temple of Tymora as hordes of undead flooded the city. The party put the undead in their graves and received a barrel of tej and a healing potion from the citizens of Balar's Throat.

Day 13, noon

Tanyl got back to Port Nyanzaru and they met three new guides:

  • Eku
  • Hew Hackinstone
  • The trio of Faroul, Gondolo and Zongo

Days 13-19

Tanyl & Darson took River, Flask and Imete on a canoe up the western river.

(T&D, put in here what happened from your perspective so I don't spoil)

It is now morning day 20. They have short rested and Imete has used one of her slots. On of the rope is tied up to two of the naked guys they met in the jungle

Days 20–30

They killed the jungle guys after learning that they had a hype for Ras Nsi. They made their way to the Aldani Basin and talked to some aldanis there. They went back to Camp Vengeance. They helped the soldiers there to fight against a zombie and to heal some miststruck soldiers. They captured a Giant Snapping Turtle named Tiny. They need DC 20 to tame it but… with all of their bard stuff and advantage and +3 animal handling, that's around a 60% chance every morning. But they need four more times. Succeeding with a 60% chance four times in a row is 13%. So maybe let's change it to not in a row. If Tiny escapes I'll put them them on the encounter table again and you can pick up where you left off. Then they found the Heart of Ubtau. An elven mage had set up camp there. Valindra. She told them the location of Omu, the Forbidden City. Where she believes the Soulmonger to be.

Days 30 to 35

Valindra accidentally Power Word Kill on Imete just as she was about to contact her god, Savras. Then Darson heroically and justly attacked her. And she disintegrated him. Which sucked. Bad call from the DM, she could've shielded or dominated or w/e. DM, you suck. Tiny ran away after 4 tame days. River actually manage to tame her one day! But only one day. It's now the middle of day 35, it's light rain, the party defeated a stack of batiri goblins. The Bird tribe.

Days 35 to 38

After the party's colonial routing of the Bird tribe, Valindra realized that they could handle themselves on their own and that she would meet them after they retrieve the "Soul Monger" in Omu. She asked them for bird feathers so she could fly back to the Heart of Ubtau, a bedroll and a tent, and a lock of hair from everyone. While the party was just about to answer, a dragonborn, weary from struggling through the jungle alone, in torn blue clothes, stumbled upon the party. Valindra was surprised to see Samash, who she had previously helped. She entrusted him with the leadership of the party.

Fox and Tanyl were on a foraging mission and encountered another batiri tribe, the Dino tribe. Luckily, the Dino tribe managed to chase away Fox and Tanyl without taking any casualties.

After receiving locks of hair (and tufts of leg fur, in the case of River & Flask), Valindra left the next morning.

Fox contested Samash' leadership, who gave in. Samash is traveling with the party for the promise of making insect salves for them. River, Flask and Tanyl are looking for sammarcass roots, bee's wax and bepuga seeds so that Samash can make these salves, and gourds to store them in. It takes a full day of work but Samash can make 25 batches in one day. The batches can emulsify and ferment in parallel, while the gourds dry out. Each batch has 20 applications.

As the party walked through the jungle, they found a dwarven skeleton, who's bones had been picked clean and scattered over a wide area of very thick, dense jungle – recently. There was an amulet nearby, meaning the dwarve had probably been (or been with) a sorcerer, wizard or druid. From examining the area, they found that whoever caused this could not have been big.

The next day they found another body. A lilywhite tabaxi, lying spread out in the moss. Limbs and head severed and sewn back on, backwards. In her pockets a jar of light green healing salve.

While traveling, Samash book was stolen by chwinga spirits. He managed to call on them to return the book. Calling on them is a risky proposition – sure, it's only DC 20, but if you do fail you might lose something even more precious.

Four axe beak birds stormed the camp in the middle of the night, tearing down the tents but they were easily reparable.

It is now morning on day 38 – the party is lost and have travelled in an unknown direction for a while. Weather and navigation is still unknown for the day.

Days 38 to 44

The party met Artus and Dragonbait, an adventuring duo, and River and Flask decided to leave the party and instead join Artus and Dragonbait on their journeys.

Then Tanyl got eaten by ghouls.

Samash and Gurdis met Meryl, a priest of Ubtau who warned them away and they left.

Then they met Nala who decided to join up the party. Nala is a sage goliath.

Then Samash and Gurdis got eaten by assassin vines.

So now the party is only one person. Nala. Who had traveled with Samash and Gurdis for less than one day. GLHF♥

Alternate diary

Days 1 to 3

Cailu and Raved arrived in Port Nyanzaru with their contact, Monica Escobar. They tried to help Omala, the cloth dyer, but he was executed.

They tried to head for a nearby mine to quest for coin to hire guides. Velociraptors ate Cailu. Raved rode away with his horse Jen.

Meanwhile, back in main timeline

Days 54 to 67

Nala, the sage goliath, stumbled into an inn in Port Nyanzaru, The Thunder Lizard, and met Raved, the archeologist, and Ran, the jester hobbit, there. Raved convinced him to join up for Monica Escobar's mission to find Omu.

But, they hired a guide, Musharib, who convinced them to return a prized artefact, Moradin's Gauntlet. They set out for Hrakhamar.

Ran put on a play at the inn to celebrate the quest for the Gauntlet.

They painted up Jen, the horse, with flower imagery.

Once they left the city, Musharib stripped down to his undies and painted flowers on his body. Musharib is a dwarven albino spirit warrior. OLD SCHOOL!!!

Ran found a jade candlestick and traded it to some parrot headed aaracocra (bird people) in exchange for directions to their village, to Hrakhamar, and to the Tiamat temple.

Musharib contracted shivering sickness pretty much right away and Ran contracted throat leeches. It was touch and go for a while but they both managed to recover.

Also Musharib got zonked out in a fight (was it the skeleton fight?) so we need to roll up lingering injuries for him still.

The players – but not the characters (except perhaps in dreams) – got their first warnings about the Fire on the Velvet Horizon. It's a 1 in 1000 chance that shit is going to go down. But let's pray to Moradin to be spared from that. Eg håpe du folder hender før du går i seng!

It is now morning day 67. Ran saved vs disease successfully finally, but we still need to roll weather.

Days 67 to 77

Nothing happened! They chatted with some friendly dragonborn, they discovered a cozy fortress that they set on fire, and that was it! It is evening day 77 and they're yet to scratch salves, forage, and roll night encounters. Having a set watch schedule is great

Well, almost nothing… there was also a brutal tale of deception pulled on your poor old lady DM:

A group of green Dragonborn cultists had stumbled upon the party and decided to join up with the party, who didn't want to risk a fight with these dangerous guys so instead, with trepidation, let them tag along. Partly because the cultists had access to Lesser Restoration and other powerful spells (praise Tiamat). Cozy campfire tales, food gathering, soap opera ensued but of course the main point of order was the watch schedule.

Five cultists, five party members. The initial suggestion from the party was that they do five watches, each watch with one party member and one cultist. After a couple of clumsy and easily discovered attempts by the cultists to rifle through the party member's bags, the party said "We're tired of you waking us up in the middle of the night claiming you were only trying to borrow tinderboxes from our bags, you want to light your smokes use the campfire! Let's make a new watch schedule. First watch: me and Fox. Second watch: Ran, Raved and Musharib. Then third and fourth watches, you guys."

I.e. all PCs asleep after the first two watches, then the cultists would have free reign over the camp! Hehehe! Of course we gladly accepted, pretending to be upset that our company wasn't appreciated. Meanwhile, looking over the rules for killing someone in their sleep (advantage + all hits are crits). Heh heh heh…

But… there never was a third watch. The party snuck away and left!!!!

I was just about to say something like 'of course they posted a guard' or 'of course they were listening in on you' or 'of course they were peeking out from their tents' but… I stopped myself. The truth was that I had envisioned the cultists going to sleep, ready to kill the PCs during third watch. That the PCs would leave was the furthest thing on my mind. All I could think of was their sweet, snoring, exposed throats and the cultists' maxed out sneak attacks.

I was fooled. The players had outsmarted their DM legitimately.

All I could say was "You get 170 xp each."

Days 77 to 83

They explored a ruin and found the yellow musk flower. They found the tale of the enmity between Obo'laka the zorbo and I'jin the almiraj. They found Murashib's best friend. He gave the best friend's hand axe to Nalla. His new best friend! So Nalla don't die now!

Rivers and tropical storms kept the party from making much progress.

They saw the dragon Tinder flying overhead.

Starvation clock: everyone except Jen has one starvation day

Days 84 to 90

The party's first encounter with an aeskithete but as they where fighting it it disappeared. A swirling mass of wax wearing a carved wooden mask representing a human face. Pretty scary!!! Scary pretty

After stealing apples from gorillas (and also eating the meat of the gorillas) the party, except Ran, reset their starvation clox. They gave up on trying to round the river and have set up a permanent camp in order to build a raft. It'll take 8 person-days to do so; two are done and six are left.

We also got to see a flavorful application of the classic spell Cure Wounds. Musharib broke some ribs and twisted his ankle in the gorilla fight but got healified by magic power

Days 90 to,uh, 100...7?

The party snuck up on a squadron of human soldiers and killed them.

Then they went to the mountain.

Days 107 to 114

They talked to some more aeskithetes I don't really know how to run those encounters well.

And then some pterafolk arrived and harrassed them. but some died

and finally girallions (four armed giant apes [not monkeys]) killed Raved

They are still being followed by one pterafolk

Days 114 to 117

The DM forgot that they were followed by the pteragal. But she is still out there!

They were also joined by a woodenelven barbarian of the Raptor Tribe, Thamior.

They finally arrived at Hrakhammar! Yes that's right!!! 116 days of jungle before the first dungeon!!! best DM of all time♥♥♥

They met a delegation, four dwarves from Musharib's clan, including their leader Sithi Vinecutter. Sithi joined them as a guide to Hrakhammar's chambers & nooks & crannies.

They entered Hrakhammar and killed…? 30? firenewts and twelve "Striders". But Sithin & Musharib died right away.

Musharib was suffering from a festering wound and had a hard time regaining consciousness. So Thamior drowned him…??!?!?!?!? He dunked Musharib's unconscious face in a pool of warm water and metal shavings, Musharib gasped under the surface and died.

The Treasury Door

  • on the other side of a long metal bridge
  • you pass by an empty cave on your left
  • then reach double doors, side by side
  • two locks, one above the other
  • the top one says "beginnings", the lower says "endings"
  • by the sides of the doors, two desecrated suits of dwarven half-plate armor
  • Ran's "wand of secrets" pointed at the lower lock

Days 117 to 126

They picked up a new dwarven pal, Laz!

His husband Malkar was severely wounded, concussed, screaming in pain and anguish, hadn't slept comfortably for several days, had five exhaustion levels, and was shaken violently by a barbarian and died.

Laz helped them get into the treasury chamber, gave them some adamantine ingots, picked up Moradin's Gauntlet for himself, and is also carrying Ran's bedroll over his shoulder.

Laz led them to the other dwarven clan's mine, forty miles south. There, they encountered six ghosts of dwarves — their bodies had been burned to a crisp. Dragonfire…

Days 126 to 131

Fox heroically rescued them from the ghostly mine and took them to Laz' tribe, who took him with them to start up a new life at Hrakhammar.

Thamior led the rest of the party astray in the wilderness, traveling in the mountains and wasteland without knowing where they are.

An attack from the surviving firenewts, riding on striders, killed Thamior and Nalla. The party right now is Fox and Ran.

Days 131 to 138

Slow pace only a week this night even though we had food sitch sorted

Ran and Fox were joined by another albino dwarve, Drooma, and an aarakocra, Urreek, and a hobbit monk, Cora. It was awesome.

However they killed four boars TT and a troll TT

The met a delegation of albino dwarves who promised to seek them out and join them after talking to Sithi in Hrakhammar. (But Sithi is dead…)

And they also met some aarakocra from Kir Sabal who ordered Urreek to return home. He refused!

Days 138 to ???

Write up the whole gorge of blades tinder ordeal here

Pretty much they were walking in the gorge of blades and Tzindalor came there♥

Alternate Diary

Days 1 to 3

A cello is playing a lullaby by a roaring firelight.

A hin family is tending the wounds of their pet deinonychus.

A wood elven man wearing a well-kept cloak of the Emerald Enclave is holding up a medallien of Anghorradh to the horizon and looking wistfully back at the path he has walked.

A kobold is sleeping nearby.

Days 3 to, uh, 14

A human bard joined the party.

They met the Yuan-Ti who hinted of something cool south east. They also found a 120 feet radius sphere of winter landscape, at the center of which lay two dead tabaxi, a grey one, and a brown one. The brown one had an eye missing (and an eye patch) and a finger cut off. Her missing finger was at the exact center of the snow zone.

They met a friendly FLAIL SNAIL that they killed and sold the shell for 2500 GP!

They defeated an OBLEX that had laid a trap for them at the bottom of a shack

Main timeline

Days 146 to 150

After Tzindalor / Tinder promised to burninate them after bringing her treasure, the party head off to Omu. They came upon a group of naked people eating a dead zombie and in true enlightened, post-colonial fashion they declared them savages and proceeded to kill them all, with the exception of a woman they called "it", who they spared until they promptly forgot about her until she later returned when they finished her off.

They also one-shotted a super boss WIGHT who didn't get to life drain thanx to the volley round when he only had a measly longbow.

Can't argue with deez

  • they found a charter of exploration
  • they made a peg leg for Fox
  • the song for Fox in Cora's heart became audible to all.

Days 150 to 156

They found Omu! Still haven't found Urreek though.

They used Featherfall to get into Omu fighting a gargoyle. What more happened not much…? Ran torched a vegep*gmy and Urreek killed a young girl lost in the jungle. They found big footsteps near the amphitheater. It's around 1350 in the afternoon.

New Jersey steez

  • Tiamatfest '94
  • In Chult, you can always split the party. In Omu the party splits you
  • Omu being marked on the map
  • Wand of secrets action
  • A bone necklace offered
  • A one-legged gnome mashing a morningstar at a frozen devil's face, mid air. Bill O'Reilly style
  • What's the Ki deduction for breaking vegan?

More flailing around on day 156

They found the nine grid! and the eight grid.

They hid the amulet of Snail in the tin of paint.

Ran spared two the life of vegep*gmies. They found the Acererak's First Warning.

I-95 Turnpike

  • Godzilla King of Feathers
  • An eye necklace stolen and desecrated
  • Elemental oil
  • The nine statues
  • Cora keeping the edge
  • Last torch lit!
  • Gargoyles attack you. Wait, where did you throw the stone? They don't attack you
  • Pygmies in the Garage #racistbandnames
  • The ostensible shrine in our neighborhood
  • Mental ape shrieks

More unending hours from day 156

This is freaking awesome!

Greetings from Asbury Park

  • Spatial progress since last session: 0 inches
  • Lethal progress since last session: 1 bird monk
  • Proximal progress since last session: 1 albino arm
  • Mycological progress since last session: 2 members of the Star Garage vegepygmy tribe
  • Lexical progress since last session: 1 Wongo message on waterskin
  • Brutal progress since last session: 1 wasp-spitting teleporting magic t-rex, 3 gargoyles, 385 wasps
  • Marital progress since last session: 1 broken/unspoken engagement
  • Nutritional progress since last session: 9 portions t-rex meat

Day one-fifty-you-guessed-it-six

I'm gonna pop some tags!

Mercy Street

  • Position right now being arrows at!!
  • Drooma is in full cover + prone
  • Cora & hobbit family is behind the building
  • Earlier today, they found 1 cube! it's just I'jin the Al-Miraj's puzzle cube♥
  • They also fought three Yuan-Ti malisons: Mr Head (temper temper), Mr Arms (for the greater good) & Mr Jeans (life is sacred)
  • They learned that Ij'in the al-Miraj god's major enemy is a zorbo!
  • They also found the moldy camp with the yellow ragged flag!
  • They also used 3h10mins on Samo's lantern oil!!!!!!!

Days 156 to 157

  • Party ate poison
  • Bag of Nails the tabaxi died
  • They were fighting the giant crocodile and the assassin vines
  • Just a little short session they didn't find much
  • Oh and also a shrine

Day 157 (all day, and all of the night)

  • Giving up on Papazotl's shrine for now
  • Exploring Wongo's shrine, giving up on it
  • Discovering but not entering… a ꩜꩜꩜꩜꩜ shrine (which god??)
  • Cora falling down from the tree!!!!!! tangled up in the bag
  • Mr Fresh lamenting the death of Mr Stink!!!
  • I forgotted what more happened
  • It probably doesn't matter what order they are in
  • TPK City? More like pixel hunting city
  • Don't worry the campaign is fine

Day 158

  • Found Unkh's and Wongo's cubes
  • Lost Sivash & Poochie
  • Eradicated the Jupiter Choreography tribe

Second half of day 158

  • Found a shrine that had been looted
  • Talked to Yamoch, a red wizard
  • Eradicated the Comet Crisis tribe
  • Eradicated the Jupiter Crash tribe
  • Became slaves to the Spiders from Mars tribe

Days 158 to 161

Dear diary, today we left Omu to go out in the jungle to recruit some Emerald Enclave rubes to use as cannon fodder and steal their rations and ropes. We also found a rogue called Orvex who used to work for the Red Wizards. Which came in handy because one of the Red Wizards, Dyrax, freezinated our cannon fodder scout troop to death, once we were back in Omu. So now we are long resting inside a shrine with a captive RW and his fearified mercenary pal.

Also we found Kubazan's and Nangnang's cubes.

Days 161 to 164

We drowninated Dyrax and hired his body guard, Razira, and went out in the jungle again to do some bookkeeping foraging. Cora killed two boars and butchered them skillfully. If you cannot weep with a person who's crying there is no kenshō. And then late at night we went back to Omu and finally made our way across the lava ridge. That temple had also been ransacked by the Red Wizards of Thay.

That leaves Papazotl's cube as the only cube left — heaven knows where the three cubes grabbed by Red Wizards currently are, though. They could be in the lava lake for all we know.

Day 164

Scouting out on the Yuan-Ti!

We saw kobolds went in to Papazotl's temple. When they got out the party murderized them. And the kobolds were carrying six cloth rags of Yuan-Ti craftmanship.

The disfigured Papazotl's Wall Carving had been restored.

The cube was missing.

Day 164-165

Cleared out the Parade Street. Including the Wailers (a vegepygmy tribe) and Cleric, Fighter, Rogue, and Mage (another… vegepygmy? tribe).

It's now day 165. Noon. The storm is raging outside of Omu. you have defeated Mr Head and Mr Jeans

Days 164-166

So by covering Omu in blue mist we made the wizards flee Omu so we could find out where they were, and then we stole their three cubes. Drooma was afflicted by the blue mist and so Zasheir joined our party as a replacement. But then Drooma was restored to normal and Zasheir left.

Now we had 8 cubes. We threw them all into magical green flame in order to unlock the door. But it didn't open.

Now we don't have any cubes on hand.

The Red Wizards were all eradicated and we have made a tentative peace with Kakarol's kobold tribe.

Days 166-168

Got Wongo's Cube.
Saw that Shagambi's cube was taken.
Working on Moa's Cube.

Days 168-170

It's evening day 170. Unkh's cube is in Cora's pocket. Unfortunately Cora is petrified beyond time and space.

Well, beyond time. Spatially she is in Obo'laka's shrine.

The party has these cubes: Nangnang's, Wongo's, I'jins, Kubazan's and Moa's.

Day 171. Early morning.

Holy Basheba, diary! Today one of mine and Razira's old colleagues, Laratha, turned up in TPK City, alive! She bailed days before the Yuan-Ti attack and now she is working for the dorks!

We went full assault on the Fane of the Night Serpent under the circle-walled palace.

Drooma turned himself into a snake and got captured by the yuan-ti and put into a cage! So we didn't know which of them was Drooma and which was the other snakes.

And then we made a friend among the Yuan-Ti, a real cutie who we bribed with rotten meat. And then we killed him but his pals & gals chased us away. We could deal with the BASILISKS just fine and we took down their pureblood commander but we had a hard time dealing with their spritt språngande broodguards. Only CR2 but a whole army of them and their Bite/Claw/Claw BULLSHIT was too much for us to handle!

Days 171 to 172

Grinding for meat & xp in the jungle

Days 172 to 174

It's Teesadur! She was rescued by the heroic party from her horrible duties as a GUARD MALISON and she told us about the hidden entrance to the FANE OF THE NIGHT SERPENT and we sent her off into the jungle with THREE POUNDS OF FLAX and a backpack we found in the old guard house

Later on day 174

Dear diary! Not only did my employers decide to drag me down to a slimy moist pit crawling with bugs, and Razira had to carry the torch, we got into a fight with four broodguards and some purebloods! And one of the broodguards got away and opened the door to the Fane of the Night Serpent and in there was another pureblood and FIVE ZOMBIES! But three of those zombies got turned to dust by the PURE-HEARTED GRACE OF OUR DARK GODDESS BASHEBA!

So now we're in a sitch where one zombie has four HP left, one is unhurt, and… we have so many open avenues where we can get attacked! We're birds on the wire pretty much!

Afternoon, evening and night-following day 174

So we chopped up the zombos right away and freed the slaves and sent them to go to Bag of Nail's place safely, escorted by one of Ran's fire snakes. Then we passed through the DISTILLERY and then to the right we found a SNAKE PIT that Ran wanted to throw poison into in order to poison the gazillion and five snakes in there! And ahead of us we found a GINORMOUS UNDERGROUND FANE. So we obviously headed left and we found a STORE ROOM.

In there was a cozy awakened snake, Azi Mas. We singed him with some fire bawlts and sent him on his way. He promised to leave Omu and since the DM gave us the XP I guess that's fine!

Then we searched the store room and found food, rope, lanterns, blankets, cloth, salt etc etc. Pretty nice. Also a pretty MYSTERIOUS SEALED CASE that we left in there.

We decided to get lit, inject shit, take some pills and mellow out for a short rest. But right away two BASILISKS came and they looked pretty cool. Unfortunately they KNOCKED ME OUT so I don't know what happened then!

I woke up in the distillery with drag marks all over my body and feeling the HEALING POWER OF NATURE'S HARMONY flowing through my old rogue bones. But just as I opened my eyes I was ordered to pick up my bow and shoot some BASHEBA-FORSAKEN SNEKS! I'VE HAD IT WITH THESE MONKEY-FIGHTING SNAKES IN THIS MONDAY-TO-FRIDAY FANE! I don't even have any ranged attacks!

So obv Mr Jeans and his snake girl got away and we had to HAUL ASS through ROCKS AND SLIME AND CENTIPEDES and then we finally saw the BLESSED DAYLIGHT OF SOL al-TORIL!

We're camping out at Bag of Nail's stanky old smoke-stained hideway microbrewery. Dawn is breaking after a quiet and uneventful night.

Day 175 and a bit of day 176

Heart of snake

So Ras Nsi killed Orvex,
and then we killed him.
The cubes were three inches away
but we let them go.

When we went back,
the Nightmare Speaker ruled.
We holed up in Ras Nsi's secret lair.
We had all the treasure in the world
but it might as well have been dust and sand to us.
We didn't want treasure,
we wanted cubes.

With heavy hearts
we started exploring
the teleportation network.

Might as well disappear.
Might as well turn to smoke and gas.

We are standing outside
the room of
blades and bones.

Day 176

I carry flame

I have Ras Nsi's flame-tongued blade.
The priests knocked me out.
I burned them.

If you defeat part of the empire
you become the empire.

From the other room
we heard screams.

Humans turning into snakes.
Ran and Fox were eaten by Dendar,
the Night Serpent,
their minds are poisoned.

We have no cubes.
We are holed up in the garage building.

The Dendar comes in the night.

Day 177

Ashinell's Gossip Column

After 177 days diegetically (and 49 game sessions) we have finally made it to the titular tomb! IDK I felt kinda iffy about the "sure there is a rock here" call since I wanted to act out the door closure in real time but let's stick with it!

So the sitch is that Outer Door wants to close but is being kept open by a mere rock.
Inner Door just opened up, at 1640 in the afternoon.
The party's backpacks and stuff are outside Outer Door.

Day 178

Ashinell's Gossip Column

Rest in Peace Razira! I gave her sword to my husband Samo.

We have entered the tomb of the nine gods a.k.a. TOMB OF A-NI-HI-LA-TION
We are in a tomb room right now! The "crystal window" room. Except Samo smashed the crystal window.

Day 178, cont'd

A gnome conned our precious firesword into his grubby mitts and then he hurled it into a disintegration trap. T_T

Samo found Obo'laka's ring and put it on. Looks nice! Heard it gave him +1 to AC and saves.

We have unexplored edges:

  • the river upstream
  • the river downstream
  • the direction the shadow demon flew
  • the bottleneck top
  • the second level, past the workshop.

The workshop which we're in right now. Fighting TOMB DWARVES with devil masks

Day 178, and morning day 179

The tomb dwarves unleashed a FULL METAL FRANKENSTEIN and Drooma got another scar

We found a ghost lantern possessing the soul of THE STARFALLEN


In the tomb of MOA we found a PSYCHIC SKULL of a ten-year-old SUPER PRINCESS HEIR TO ALL OF OMU

She had lost her memory and was panicked and afraid and so naturally RAN LET LOOSE THE FIRES OF HELL upon the poor child

After Drooma fragmented the girl skull we found MOA'S STAFF!

Unexplored edges:

  • the river upstream
  • the river downstream
  • the bottleneck top
  • the left close corridor at the shaft
  • the left staircase down the shaft
  • the left far corridor at the shaft
  • the second level, past the workshop.

Day 179 (and following night)

Ran got sucked into a speeding propeller with five sharp blades that ground her up to a fine mist. We started exploring the second level and found a… uh… it's better if a player writes this so that the DM doesn't reveal too much. Samo believes we went into another dimension. We found a legendary ultra artifact called Devlin's Staff and Devlin's Journal

We talked to Nepartak… again?!

Later we found Ran… alive…!??!?‽!?

Forgot to write that we found a square-headed skeleton!!

Morning in the AM day 180

Samo complaining about my handsome-looking-beard! How dare he! Haven't he heard of "for better or worse"?

Later that day: EW Samo got turned into a tentacle monster..!?!?! divorce

We also talked to Withers and found his journal. We tried to negotiate peacefully with Withers but he left rudely.


DM's new calendar sucks & is confusing, but I believe it's afternoon day 180

We found Acererak's Second Warning and we also opened a vent to a cistern full of wine on level 2 that is now dripping down to level 3. We also got hexagonal skellie head.

We found a throne room and a big scepter that we didn't touch.

Moving the unexplored edges stuff over to threads we want to pull

Rest of day 180 & in the AM 181

We killed a FULL METAL FRANKENSTEIN, in the little door on level three from the spiral staircase. But we didn't go further; there was a window made of stone there.

Then we went to the WINE ROOM and explored the one wine cistern that we had previously opened. But there was nothing in there. Drooma's STAFF OF MOA got stolen in the night when we took a long rest.

Then the next day we went and talked some more to NEPARTAK. She was still pretty angry so she tried to burninate us.

Then we summoned our sexy pal AZER and he pushed Moa's sarcophagus lid into the DEATH PROPELLER. It got chipped up. Propeller more stronger than lid.

But the best news of all— me and Ran have become ♥♥♥GOAT PEOPLE♥♥♥

Middle of day 181

My happy life as a zombie

By Razira

I was zombified and placed in a door. I got burninated by Ran.

Then Fox, Drooma and Ran went past the 3-head-door and they touched treasure and skeletons came out of cauldrons and shot arrows

First few hours in the PM day 181

Ashinell's Diary

Ran got degoatified. I'm still goatified.

We threw a Full Metal Frankenstein down the main shaft. But he got up again. 90 seconds later.

We found Acererak's Third Warning

We killed Withers. He had the staff of Moa that was stolen earlier and he had the amulet of black skull.

We peeked into I'Jin's tomb and saw a dwarve step on the floor heard a click and got eaten by locusts.

We found the iron sheet with a minotaur decoration in a tiny crawl space.

We found the Water Room.

We found the platform room.

Evening, day 181

Ashinell's Diary

Samo attuned to the amulet of the black skull. He can teleport using a main action and spending a charge from the skull.

He stuck his sword through the water curtain and water flooded the room, sending me and Ran hurtling through the hall and knocking over Laratha and Samo.

We opened the door to the throne room by pouring 1 pint of fresh blood into each of two bronze serpent statues. Then we went to the spiral staircase from the throne room and went all the way to the gear lake on level five. We found a gray slime here. Four tomb dwarves were working on a machine, a machine that was bigger than the light of The Starfallen could shine. We of course killed the undead menace and Ran reported that they heard a giggling in their heads as the tomb dwarves bodies fell down into this slimy lake.

We went back up and walked in the gravity well and then we saw a corridor similar to the one we left. We then went to Wither's office and killed his crawling hands and tried to kill Withers but he teleported out and created a wall of fire.

PS I forgot to say that we found Acererak's Fourth Warning

Day 182

Drooma's diary

We found the control room

A strange room with a panel with buttons and gears in the middle. The way there were full of slimy puddles.

We also found a very strange creature swimming in the lake. It has psychic powers and may be the otherworldly creature Withers referred to in his journal. If that is the case, the soul monger should be nearby.

We also got surprised by a juggernaut, but after a real struggle we managed to take it down. Ran almost got crushed by the damned thing!

After reading more in Withers journals we found out the terrifying purpose of this tomb and the fate of the nine gods.

Early morning Day 183

DM notes

Control room progress: SEXY AZER went in there alone with instructions to wait 20 minutes and then first hit the red button, then hold the red switch counter-clockwise, then pull the gold lever. When the party went down to check, there was an iron wall.

I (DM) accidentally said something about some slime but then retracted that, saying I had misread the workings of the control room. But as a clue maybe large quantities of slime is one of the effects of one of the widgets. So far all you know is that there is an iron wall between acid room & control room.

Three hoörs latör (so it's 1140 day 183)

Laratha poked a bit fun at Samu, who seemed unable to be untruthful by any questions asked to him, prodding him if he thought that Laratha was HOT OR NOT.

What sorcery is this?!?! The fifth level is overflowed with slime (the blind artists indicated that the problem was with the GOLD lever) and the gargoyle statues have come alive! And we are fighting them and fights now take like 10 times the normal time! I can't even with this! For the record, I, Ashinell, hate the new fighting system! Although fear pretty awesome I do love CC♥♥♥

Day 184

It seems that gold lever is pretty stuck down there! But at least the gargs have been killed

Day 184 part two—Electric Boogaloo

Ashinell's Diary & Heist Journal

Dear Diary! Today we discussed the possibility of whether or not we should Cora. I didn't dare speak up because I'm so scared that Samo will find out about the affair. I love him so, our love has rekindled so much lately #tentaclegoat

Now it's 1329 a.k.a. early afternoon!

Wow what a day! All we had to do was fight a Full Metal Francis Bride (Laratha coming in with the last minute Toll the Dead—content warning gruesome necro ash hot metal) and then lower down SEXY AZER to the tomb of I'jin and then have him trigger the trap walls and be stuck down there and then send down Samu to yank I'jin's sarcophagus up and then caaaaarefully flying the sarcophagus through Acererak's Number One Fan and then have the fan chop of the end of the sarcophagus revealing the al-miraj bones in there and then have the shrapnell land on the pressure plate and then have the fly spell run out and then have Samo and sarcophagus and everything falling into a 20 foot deep pit and then I'M GONNA POP SOME TAGS (I also wrote down a much more spoiler-laden version for a DM-only discussion forum because this heist was one that I wanted to record&preserve for all time & also brag about.)

Day 184 afternoon

Drooma just died! more details later

Also I need to remember that Ran's orig dex was 18 & Ash' old con was 14.

So the first thing that happened in the early morning was that a Full Metal Frankenstein threw Drooma down the shaft and he got died.

And we met an old friend of ours, Zasheir. Acererak had trapped him in the T9G before we arrived.

Then we met the Lord of the Feast; a rotten boar head who was alive. He wanted to eat my head & but I could pretty easily survive.

Then we explored Kubazan's Tomb. Ran opened the sarcophagus with knock so we still have to roll a frankie die for that knock. But also from the wall came a prismatic ray that petrified Zasheir so we need someone with greater resto to arrive please!!!

Day 185

We met Skelaw and we found two crystal eyes that matched the one we had so now we have three.

Day 185, early afternoon

Skelaw, Laratha and Fox scouted on ahead since they thought the platform room looked a little too dangerous. I'm sure they'll be back soon. They said something about going down to level four.

DM's journal

As soon as they got in the room with the mirror, I let them know that it's there. I don't presuppose that any of them are looking in it. I say that they see the reflection of their own torch light. Laratha says: "I'm looking away! I always avert my eyes when I see mirrors in dungeons".

Skelaw (who is holding the torch) says "I look in the mirror, what do I see?"

I hand him a note that he reads. He rolls a die and shakes his head. Laratha and Fox have no idea what's on the note and what's in the mirror.

I say "Laratha, Fox, suddenly you're standing in the dark"

They're like "Was the torch snuffed out, or?"

I say "One moment you saw it, both in the room and a glint of it reflected, but now you're standing in the dark."

"Are we in the same room, or were we teleported, or what?"

"You don't know."

They fish out a new torch and tinderbox it up. Laratha doesn't have a tinderbox, but Fox does.

Fox says "I look in the mirror".

I hand him the note that Skelaw had read. He rolls a die and says no.

I say to Laratha "It went dark again. You're alone"

Followed confused larping and feeling their way around the pitch black room. Way too many "wait wait I'm confused let's start over, where are you exactly?" Uh… working your way in a dark room is hard you guys!

And then she says "OK I have sussed out where the mirror is, right? It's dark. I look into it."

I hand her the mysterious note.

It says…

…"Make a DC 15 Charisma saving throw."

Then we spend the rest of the night rolling up new chars.

Alternate timeline, day 1

Soakosh, Birdsong, Emetzu and Myrodan has also made their way through to the tomb. They managed to destroy the fan and they got the mace of terror and Wongo.

Day 185 evening

They made their way past the floating platform using Moa's staff. Ash got de-goatified but she got uzumakified right away.

Ran has six crystal eyes

  • Pale purple
  • Bright green
  • Pale green
  • Pink
  • Pearly white
  • Scarlet

(Fox had an incandescent orange crystal eye on him when he, Skelaw, Laratha went scouting ahead. There were ten total identations around the mirror on that door on level four.)

Day 186

Jag orkar inte skriva nån diary… um…

dom slogs mot zombo rex och så dödade dom Withers 3

Day 186 Bla bla bla Afternoon

Laratha diary
From darkness, I came to, my head was pounding and all around my bodies where strewn. What time had passed? What had happened? In the sprinkle of light radiating from the end of the hallway I saw the light star fallen and a select few members of the party in the midst of combat.

While I had been gone, for what to me seemed like a mere blink of an eye, for the party had gone two whole days in the dungeon. They had recruited two new members in our wake, a humanoid monk named Emetzu and a elven cleric Myrodan. A odd bunch to say the least but whatever canon fodder we can recruit down here in the fight for the soul monger.

One of the other recruits from the big fight, Biff Longsteel, beret clad human fighter, a old friend to Star Fallen, which unfortunately lost his arm to the dagger conjuring Ran.

Without any quarrel the party decides to investigate the forge and trashed it, ruining the iron maiden the best they could.

Day 187

Ashinell's Diary



DM notes: inget händer ju i den här jäkla dungeonen! dom fick bara NÄSTAN armen avhuggna osv osv ja fast jo Emetzu lade vantarna på Den Svarta Opalens Krona

Day 187 lunch time

So we found red crystal eye on the corpse of a fallen adventurer seph from the company of the yellow banner so now we have eigth and then we killed one frankenstein girl an old elf and we talked to Devlin with speak with dead and we killed biff because we found out he was a scummy assed doppel ganger and then star fallen started crying and we lost 10 loyalty points to her and we found a lizard hiding in the mouth of a devil and then we sent sexy azer into the lava room but there we chickened out!

Day 188

So we found last two eyes dark blue och [DM kolla sen]. och så fick emetzu 52 stycken ormundersåtar och sen pajade samo fontänen och ash märkte att när man kör dimension door ut så kommer man in i ett kropps rum där det ligger kroppar istället för att komma ut. däremot fungerade döskalleteleporten ut.

Day 188 more

Som vanligt hände inget! spelarna mobbade varandras rollpersoner genom att säga fel namn på dom… och vad heter det… skelaw överlevda kvävfällan, vi bestämde att lesser resto funkar mot iglarna vilket… varför
mesigaste och mest lätt-överkörda DM ever
dom hittade ingenting
hoodyhoo dog

Day 188 even more

Skelaw gjorde en ny familiar, fladdermusen Monday.

Dom öppnade dörren till skattrummet. Här är skatterna som ni (Skelaw, Azer, Ashinell) kunde se där inne:

  • 12000 cp
  • 5000 sp
  • 2200 gp
  • en ler-statyett som föreställer en kameleont
  • tre guldmasker i barnstorlek: fladdermus, apa, papegoja
  • en drottningskrona formad som bläckfisk med pärlemorsögon
  • en flaska med vätska. Vätskan är röd i mitten men klar i kanterna. Transmutation-magi
  • en sköld formad som en skrikande djävulsansikte. Abjuration-magi
  • en liten svart pärla. Evocation-magi

Här är rummen där ni har bränt bort ögon-möglet:

  • plattformsrummet
  • korridoren mellan vattenrummet och huvud-skaktet
  • krypgången mellan huvud-schaktet och plattformsrummet, båda förgreningarna (minotaur-skivan och tumlar-nedsläppet).

Day 189

Ni tog 1500 gp och så maskerna och så kronan och så släckte ni ljusen osv osv Ni dödade Belchorzh. Han var rätt klen så han hann bara döda Skelaw och petrifiera Samo. Ash sitter och vakar vid Samos staty.

Partyt nu är alltså Gido (Emetzus bror), Ran, och Soakosh.

Ni är i ett nyupptäckt rum bredvid tronrummet.

Day 190

Gido blev nerslängd i slemmet av en Frankie! T_T det var så sorgligt!

Day 190 part 2

Soakosh blev nerslängd i slemmet av en Xeldor! T_T det var så sorgligt!

Day 191

En händelselös dag! Det enda som hände var att G'lyh'rul dog och att Soakosh blev förvandlad till en Yuan-Ti Anathema! Han är nu värd 8400 xp #pvp

Day 191 in the AM

DM: Ja jo… DM släpper ratten! Soakosh slogs mot dom andra…!?!? men hittills är Laratha och Ran medvetslösa och Xeldor har 1 HP kvar. Laratha har blivit stabiliserad men är medvetslös i 1d4h och Ran ska fortfarande rulla death saves.

Laratha tar pennan:
Ran och Xeldor tappade hakorna när Soakosh transformerades framförderas ögon till en femton fot hög Anathema, komplett med sex väsande ormhuvuden med sylvassa huggtänder med en enorm fjällklädd ormkropp. Ner till tronrummet där gruppen befann sig kom kom Laratha gående ner för trappstegen men frös fast i sin rörelse när hon såg den avskyvärda styggelsen framför henne.

Soakosh om möjligt rakryggad i sin enorma form i det begränsade utrymmet i tronrummet, väste till sina tidigare gruppmedlemmar, "Hjälp mig finna och kontrollera Soulmonger:n, så kanske jag inte äter upp er." Efter bitterhet och förnärmande, gick de andra i gruppen med på att ställa sig under deras nya härskare, Ers höghet blev hans titel.

Day 192

He has risen from his slumber,
stronger and more cunning than ever!

..meanwhile i dungeon var det PVP in the T9G som vanligt. har för mig att ingen dött hittils

Day 192 in the AM

alltsådom lyckades återuppväcka en viss staty hob nämligen samu

Day 192 in the lunch time

dom stängde in sig i slemmet och dödade acererak

Day 192, 193 and 194

Äntligen har dom hittat en massa nya rum genom att vrida på kugghjulen

Lite mer saker hände… Ran har fått interna skador och Nafer har brutit nyckelbenet. Det gör dö-ont!!

Day 194

Det kom devils som dödade xeldor och kompost som dödade karim och så är ran inuti en elefants lungor och så måste vi komma ihåg rans interna blödningar nästa gång fast det kanske är läge att levla upp Muranoél!

Day 194 even more

Det nya partyt heter Zook, Muranoél och Frimzoor (och deras fåglar Erold [som tyvärr dog] och Solanund).

Day 195

Yaka's Story, chapter 1

Ni hittade Yaka! Ni banishade en bone devil från garderoben med clive barkers ansikten

I garderobsrummet ligger Lord Brixtons grejer. Det enda dom har tagit är svärdet och juvelerna

Day 195 in the AM

Yaka's Story, chapter 2

Det var bara strid hela tiden!

Yaka och resten (nu med Laratha i släptåg) besegrade några orcher och ett irrbloss och jagade tre irrbloss på flykten. Yakas tama Yuan-Ti-anathema besegrade en bone devil.

Day 195 in the PM

Yaka's Story, chapter 3

Dom upptäckte en korridor där allt förruttnade

Day 195 (and early morning day 196)

Yaka's Story, chapter 4

Yaka försvann för hans host Zook dog. Dom hade däremot en diamant så dom kunde rädda Samu med en greater resto! Så nu går Samo och Ash iväg som ett eget party. Dom ska mötas upp varje morgon klockan 9 i mysrummet.

Dom upptäckte planar vortex

Day 196

Frimzoor sprang runt och hittade en jättekonstig grupp med ormar och ormarna kunde inte ta sig förbi stenblocket så Frimzoor kände på sig att han behövde göra något annat, så han sprang vänster runt i dungan tills han hittade adamantindelar, vi mötte Nepartak, vi hackade sönder stenblocket och banishade en massa jävlar, som gick och dödade Soakosh, vi har öppnat och klarat av två garderober—orcherna och mezzoloths—så dom garderoberna försvann.

Dom hittade och snodde Rans gear! Zooks gear! Dom tog skull chalice. Dom orsakade en lavafors. En yuan-ti hand maiden (schacknörden) dog av en fireball från Nepartak men Nepartak blev eldritch blastad.

Day 197 and morning day 198

Blod-flaskan har ruttnat för det har gått mer än en dag. Dom hittade Nangnangs krypta uppe på level 2 och i kistan låg det en flaska med läkedryck och ett fossiliserat grung-ägg. Dom hittade den genom att krypa in i vintunneln.

Och idag upptäckte dom en fantastisk spell— spell of ujujujification! Den gör att föremål blir levande som i Skönheten och Odjuret typ!

Day 198

Once more into the wardrobe fray!!! Alla garderober hade resettat sig igen. Dom har utplånat tre igen så dom som finns kvar är orcs och irrbloss. Det är bara ett irrbloss som är kvar och irrblossen retade upp tio robotar: 9 kvadroner och 1 pentadron. Tyvärr lade Frimzoor en kraftfältsvägg ivägen för 6 kvadroner och 1 pentadron så då passade dom på att kila. Med en tyst bön på modronska språket till dom 3 tappra kvadronerna som är kvar i fighten!

Day 198 afternoon

Frimzoors journal.
Dag 198 enligt then Chultanska räkneskapsåret
I dag har vi haft det fullt upp. Allt började med att vi hittade en hemlig dörr i Nangnangs krypta.
Därpå så gav Emetzu mig ett konstigt ägg och jag började känna mig konstig.
När vi sedan undersökte den hemliga gången så återfann vi en flaska med en ande innuti.
När vi sedan kom ner till våning 5 för att klara av alla garderoberna där så droppade en horn-djävul ner och började slåss mot oss. Som om det inte var nog så kom det även en massa robotar och attackerade. Antaget att de var de som dödade Zook då de avfyrade en hel hop med pilar.
Vi lyckades hur som haver både besegra besten, några av robotarna samt garderoberna.\
Under hela striden så verkar Emetzu bara bli tröttare och tröttare, vet ej varför men han är skyldig mig en spikkedja så jag antager att vi får prova något drastiskt så att han överlever.
Vid det konstiga tidepok fällan så släppte Emetzu ut anden som vi hittat tidigare under dagen. Tror att anden kastade dispel magic på fältet och sedan försvann.
Där efter så retade Emetzu upp de kvarvarande robotarna så nu slåss mina stackars spikar och mynt med 6 stycken kvadroner. Om något av mynten går sönder så får jag väl kräva ersättning av Emetzu för detta.
Än värre om en pil träffar min hatt så kommer han få se på magi.

Day 199

Dom dödade Sewn Sisters och löste tre skeletthuvudrum, vi träffade ju på tre levande dockor, vi fick nya gudar i huvet ex vis emetsu blev uzumakifierad snail power. emetzu fick obalaka.

Day 200 Emetzus final thoughts

Finaly got rid of Unkh but I'Jin is really getting to my nerves with all of its endless suggestions "Lets go check that sphere again, no maybe more food or what going to happen if we jump down the wortex, maybe we are better of fighting the warderobes… nah let check the orb or lets play with those dolls or maybe that sphere is the way to go" and so on. Ok, ok I just decided to jump down the vortex, seems like everyone else are with me on this… screw you I'Jin im not going to change my mind again in the last second… here we go!

Ramas Journal Day 200

We finaly found all the skulls needed to open that gate. This dungeon has been suprisingly void of treasures so I hope it will be worth it. Now we just need to figure out the secret of all those rooms. There are some traces here of that other party, I wonder where they are?

Journal day 201

The party now is Ramas, Ea, Laratha and Asu.
An invisible wisp escaped!

Journal day 202

Atropalen dog och det är nu mot Acererak

Journal final day

Allt dog och kampanjen är över. FETT GRYMT

DM's to do list

  • get lit
  • inject shit
  • drop tabs
  • pop tags
  • gör klart handelssystemet
  • gör en radio scan för org-mode
  • förbättra schema-visningen för extras vs main