Do you go to the dungeon?

Water Room

Standing at the end of the this 15′ wide hall, with your back against the wall;

All the way back, through the left hand wall, is the 5′ corridor where you entered. like this → ⅃ (If you entered from the left and look up ahead.)

Seven foot ahead of you, on the right hand wall, is a crawlway leading away from here. Almost opposite the corridor where you entered.

The floor is wet and there are plenty of water puddles; they seem still & peaceful. The walls are moist too.

There are weapons hanging on the walls and then murals (paintings) painted of people so that it looks like they are holding the weapons.

From where you're standing, the first pair are two men (human) with stork heads that are holding handaxes. The crawlway that you've explored before is between the right man's legs.

There's one on the left wall, one on the right, and they are directly opposite each other.

There are six such pairs.

Including that first one, and with the ones closest to you first and then going down the line, they are:


The weapons are tarnished and are in poor condition.

At the end of this hallway, after 40′ (making it a 15′×40′ room), there's a water curtain, 10′ wide and 7′ high and 1′ thick. So there's 2.5′ of stone on each "sides" of the curtain, it doesn't stretch the full width of this 15′ hall. (It's more like a door made of water if that makes sense?)

The water currently looks still, not flowing from up like a waterfall. More like a peaceful pond.

The curtain is clear. From were you're standing, having just entered this hall, The Starfallen's distant & dim light only reaches a 20 feet further past the water curtain. On the other side of this curtain there's a hallway that looks similar to this one.