Do you go to the dungeon?


Samash is a Dragonborn and stands 6 feet tall but from head to tail more like 6,5ft. He wears thorn blue robes over his red brown lizard skins and has a golden necklace with a inch size white crystal. His face has sharp features in contrast to his otherwise round build. He is a caster, cunning in arcane and herbalism and has offered the party help to create bug salves and try to retrieve the map that the spirits stole. He fights with daggers and casts magical freezing rays. Samash is often calm and friendly but have shown to become really upset when he lost a green scaled book that he carries. He is usually alert often looking around in the forest, but sometimes he seem to lose connection to the world just staring in front of him, sometimes he speaks silly. Valindra have chosen Samash to be the leader of the party which he first accepted but later renounced saying he is really not the leader type