Do you go to the dungeon?

Captains Log

An intricate notebook in leathers wrapping with inlaid gold leaf lettering spelling Captains Log.

A few pages are dreched but dried in some unknown liquid, others are singed by fire and some are thorn out completely.

Captains log 28th Mihla

Today we reached the sprawling city of Gahna. Three days we sailed from Saliam Island, boarded by a dozen of gigantic crabs. We staved them off but on the 3rd day out we were attacked by a ginormous hunter shark who struck down my 1st mate Stackars ängel, her memory will be with us forevermore. Fula charmen has taken over the position of 1st mate and Irrkartan has been promoted to 2nd mate to help with their duties. In the harbor of Gahna we recruited new crewmates to help with manning the ship with a total of 10 sailors. We restocked rations and purchased an extra sail and dyed it crimson red to have as a backup. In Ghana Abu and Fari are searching for a template to cure their predicament and resurrect their fallen companion Moria.


Captains log 15th Qawafil

Today we waved final goodbyes to the crew and the Sea Ghost as we laid anchor in the bay north-west of the border wall of the little town of Tanaroa and the large and wild Isle of Dread. On this expidition we brought myself, and our trusty cook and cleric Glåmrackan as well as the clansmen from al-Dhi'b, Fari, Abu, Moria, Hidi and alongside them our beasts of burden Nasa and Lyra to help carry and speed our expedition to our destination. Plenty of rations and drink we did bring on our journey. Keeping a watchful eye out for any unfriendly foe that would cross our path is our highest priority. As a safe and expdition through the jungle to seek and find the Black Pearl is our one and true goal.