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Jalara abd-Jamil


Before you stand Captain Jalara Abd'Jamil, towering over you casting a mighty shadow with her two meters and forty-three centimeters. Her pitch-black fur clads her from head to toe. Under her long coat fluttering in the sea breeze, you can catch a glimpse of her scale mail glimmering in shades of obsidian purple and onyx black. On her back holstered, you see Gorgor, a might halberd with detailed carvings on its head of a gaping dragon's maw. Under her arm, she is clasping her refashioned pumpkin helmet, a ferocious trademark equipped to intimidate her foes in combat. Her left hand replaced with an intricately carved clockwork prosthetic limb functioning just as well as her other.


A band of ruthless pirates murdered her captain and crew, plundering their ship and leaving her and her comrade Jute to rot in one of the ship's row-boats. Revenge on this bandit crew from the Sunless Isle was hers for the taking. Unconcious they were found by happenstance by a stray fisher boat looking for gain out in the waters near Safaq. Their find in us was our rescue. In the village of Safaq she and Jute recuperate their strength and whatever coin we could gather.

In the tavern the Empty Net she and Jute met two like-minded souls, the rogue Na'im and the holy man Umaji, which combined goal they were to capture the legendary Sea Ghost and take her as theirs and finally get the retribution towards the bandit crew from the Sunless Isles that they so deeply desired.


  • Tales of the Sunless Isle

(to be written) tag: safaq's stadsvakt, jumlets sultan

  • Wanted: The Corsair Queen, 500 dinar dead or alive

(to be written)

  • Temple of the Moth

After losing her companions Na'im and Khalid at the temple of the Blood Moth barely escaping with her own life. Her left hand was cut clean off by her own accord using her trusty halberd after having her hand transmuted by a templar of the moth to a tortuous maggot. She ran without stopping or ever looking back all the way to the village of Safaq. The village which she found ransacked, not a single breathing soul as far as the eye could see. Walking into the tavern bar stools and plates were left as they were. She helped herself to one keg after another to drown her lost companions.

The ship, the Sea Ghost, which the party had voyaged with to Safaq had been left anchored in the bay with the crew and all waiting. Jalara signaling the crew, they rowed out to taxi her back to the ship. Gathering the crew she told them all of the ill-fated news. Now the only survivor of the four adventurers bound together by fate now she was the one to remain. She announced that she will be the captain of the Sea Ghost now and bring her to fame and glory.