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Prosthetic Legs & Crutches

Using Prosthetic Legs & Crutches

Your speed is halved, after subtracting for encumbrance. (It'd be too brutal to halve it before the subtraction.) For the purposes of the speed checks in Chases and for seeing how quickly you can move laterally. (I.e. it probably takes you two turns.)

Everytime you use the Dash action you fall prone afterwards.

You have disad on balance-related ability checks.

You need Regenerate spell to grow back the leg.

TBH I have an IRL close friend who is in this sitch so I don't want to make light of it. Trying to fight ablism and ablist jokes.

These are the rules from DMG p 272. They are for the type of prosthetics you can make in the D&D world. As for my friend, I wouldn't have guessed it before she told me. She's in pain walking but it looked normal with clothes, socks and shoes over. Not that I saw her run or anything but we went on walks and she walked normal speed. But she didn't have a monk hin carve it in the jungle either.♥

Making Prosthetic Legs & Crutches

With Tool Proficiency

If you are proficient with carpenter's tools or woodcarver's tools, and you have your equipment, you can make a cane, a single crutch, or a pair of crutches, or a peg leg in one hour. No roll needed, it's easy for you.

Without Tool Proficiency

(This doesn't apply retroactively to the leg Cora made. It's for new legs going forward.)

Canes & Crutches

The maker of the cane, which can be the person who is going to use the cane, makes a Wisdom ability check, open for all to see.

  • 1-4: It takes one week.
  • 5+: It takes one day.

Peg Legs

You can't make your own peg leg for yourself unless you're proficient in carpenter's tools or woodcarver's tools.

You can make a peg leg for someone else. You are not allowed to show them or tell them the roll.

  • 1-11: It takes one day. But it's fucked up and will break the first time you lose HP in battle.
  • 12-19: It takes one week and is good.
  • 20+: It takes one day and is good.

So if you get a leg from someone in one day you know it's either really good or really bad.

Regeneration services

There are 1d3 casters offering regenerate spells for hire on a given day in a market class I or II city. In a market class III there are 1d2-1 such casters. The normal price for people with matching alignment is 4500 GP. Usually the casters offer you a quest, sometimes in addition to the gold and sometimes instead of the gold.