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House rules change log

I know I change house rules at way too rapid of a pace. Drinking from the firehose #manic

Trying to write some kinda diary for all the house rules…

this is handwritten, not autocollated, so I might miss/forget things.



  • Rewrote the ammo recovery stuff again, threw out all the stuff I added a few days ago, it wasn't good
  • Proposed the Oh, Injury! sub system
  • Rewrote the entire Inspiration chapter from scratch, see discussion here Insp


  • Clarified Assassinate & Gloom Stalker ← no real change, just clearer wording that matches up with how we've been playing them
  • Remove "impose morale check" on wounding in Oh, Injury!; wounding car trigger morale check but that's an additional effect, not one of the choices when you hurt them
  • You can impose disad on the morale check; you can make an especially scary wound



  • Started experimenting with the diegetical moves in fighting being grounds for adv or disadv, not based on creativity but on fictional positioning



  • Rewrote the Inspiration rules again. Removed four of the five ways to get insp, kept one, and added two new ones. So now there are three ways. I'll add more ways in the future, I'm not saying these ways are enough, but it's a start.
  • Canonized the Beastmaster buff