Do you go to the dungeon?

Date Selection

Time line

Polls go up: Monday, 1000
six days to vote, before
Prelim date: Saturday, 2200
1½ days to discuss, before
Final date: Monday, 1000

Symbol meanings

✔: I'd like to play main day this week and these is are my votes for main day
✨: I'd like to play main day + extras this week. These are my votes for main day and candidates for extras
✘: Can't make it this day
?: I can make it this day but I prefer another, or I might be able to make it, might not, unknown yet

ProposeBot's thinking when suggesting

Each cell gets a score.

✔ or ✨: 1 point
+0.01 points for each ✔ or ✨ on the same horizontal line
+0.001 point for each cell (regardless of symbol) directly vertically below it, and for each ? on the same horizontal line
✘: 0 points (or minus a thousand points if DM)
?: 0.1 points

Then the column with highest sum of cell scores is obv best column. If there's still a tie even with all the decimal points, ProposeBot favors Saturdays and Sundays, and also favors earlier days rather than later days.

ProposeBot's thinking when calling

It uses the proposal thinking based on the Saturday data but with two differences.

  1. It checks if a Saturday voter has, over the weekend, turned a ✘ into a ?, ✔ or ✨, or if they have turned a ? into a ✔ or ✨.
  2. Instead of using Sandra's favorite days (weekends over weekdays, and earlier days [on the Wednesday-starting "week"] over later days) as tiebreaker, it uses the "what the vote would've been like taking all of Sunday's votes into account".

So it's still meaningful to vote if you are late; you are changing the tiebreaker and you are concisely communicating to the others what days you are available in case they want to open up.

Source code