Do you go to the dungeon?

Date Selection

Time line

Polls go up: Monday, 1000
Dates are called Friday 2200.
Five days to vote.

Symbol meanings

A: I'd like to play A-team this week and these is are my votes for which days should be A-team day.
B: I'd like to play B-team this week and these is are my votes for which days should be B-team day.
✨: I'd like to play twice this week and these are my votes for days.
✘: Can't make it this day
?: I can make it this day but I prefer another, or I might be able to make it, might not, unknown yet. Worth 10% of a yes.

ProposeBot's thinking when calling

ProposeBot sorts out all the participating voting people into two sets. A-team and B-team. The sets aren't distinct since there is overlap.

In each set, each cell gets a score.

A, B or ✨: 1 point
+0.01 points for each ✔ or ✨ on the same horizontal line
+0.001 point for each cell (regardless of symbol) directly vertically below it, and for each ? on the same horizontal line
✘: 0 points (or minus a thousand points if DM)
?: 0.1 points

Then the column with highest sum of cell scores is obv best column. If there's still a tie even with all the decimal points, ProposeBot favors Saturdays and Sundays, and also favors earlier days rather than later days. SSMTWTF

If A-team and B-team gets the same day, ProposeBot rewards people who have put in a lot of "yes" votes and who have voted early, and the other team get their second best day. The unrewarded team's schedule is used as last-tier tiebreakers for the rewarded team.

Source code