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Anklis Island Trade

The following list was found among documents onboard The Sea Ghost.

Creature Useful Part Night AxeNereidsFuegonautsKiruGoaArva
Astral Spinner Glowing orbs
Astral Spinner Web
Giant Bat Ears
Giant Bat Guano
Giant Bat Wings
Blindfire Carpet Peppers
Blindfire Vine Peppers
Boar Hide
Boar Meat
Boar Tusks
Dire Boar Bones
Dire Boar Eyes
Dire Boar Hide
Dire Boar Meat
Dire Boar Tusk
Boltforager Beak/horn
Boltforager Dust
Boltforager Meat
Broadback Blood
Broadback Bones
Broadback Hide
Broadback Meat
Giant Centipede Legs
Giant Centipede Venom sacs
Copperback Meat
Copperback Scales
Copperback Venom sac
Coppermane ProwlerBeak
Coppermane ProwlerFeathers
Coppermane ProwlerHeart
Coppermane ProwlerHide
Crystal Frog Frog itself
Duecadre Beak
Duecadre Feathers
Duecadre Feet
Duecadre Liver
Duecadre Meat
Duecadre Sinew
Flayfiend Hide
Flayfiend Meat
Flayfiend Quills
Flayfiend Tusks
Muttering Serpent Blood
Muttering Serpent Head
Muttering Serpent Scales
Obsidian Digger Digger itself
Obsidian Digger Sculptures
Poison Dart Frog Poison/frog
Giant Rat Heart
Giant Rat Hide
Giant Rat Liver
Giant Rat Meat
Singing Golem Chimes
Singing Golem Statue/pieces
Tabibari Bones
Tabibari Brains
Tabibari Hide
Tabibari Meat
Vyderac Feeder Armor plates
Vyderac Feeder Feed sac
Vyderac Feeder Hooks
Vyderac Maggot Acid sac
Vyderac Maggot Claws
Vyderac Maggot Meat
Vyderac Matron Acid sacs
Vyderac Matron Armor plates
Vyderac Seeker Blood
Vyderac Seeker Eyes
Vyderac Seeker Powder sac
Vyderac Seeker Wings
Vyderac Swarmer Blood
Vyderac Swarmer Shell
Vyderac Swarmer Venom sack
Boneback Wydarr Blood
Boneback Wydarr Bone spikes
Boneback Wydarr Heart
Boneback Wydarr Tongue
Crystalback WydarrBlood
Crystalback WydarrBones
Crystalback WydarrCrystal spikes
Crystalback WydarrHeart
Crystalback WydarrMetal plates
Crystalback WydarrTongue
Zip Bird Beak
Zip Bird Eyes
Zip Bird Feathers
Zip Bird Heart
Zip Bird Meat