Do you go to the dungeon?

Petting Zoo List

Standing at the entrance of the tunnel looking into it the order of status are the following:

Row Left Middle Right
1st Moa, the jaculi (snake) - Wongo, the su-monster ("tentacle koala" / evil monkey)
2nd I'jin, the almiraj (unicorn bunny) - Obo'laka, the zorbo (claw koala)
3rd Papazotl, the eblis (bird) - Kubazan, the froghemoth (tentacle frog)
4th ??? Grung (small frog) - ??? Tentacle ferret
5th - ??? Flail snail -

DM's comments:

You've encountered two of the statues as monsters, so far: grungs (small frogs) and flail snails.

The statues are NOT life size, they're all the same size