Do you go to the dungeon?

Table of Contents

Acererak's Warnings

Fear the night when the forsaken one seizes Death's mantle and the seas dry up and the dead rise and I, ACERERAK THE ETERNAL, reap the world of the living. Those who dare enter take heed:


Acererak's First Warning

The enemies oppose.
One stands between them.
In darkness, it hides.
Don the mask or be seen.
Speak no truth to the doomed child.
The keys turn on the inside only.


Acererak's Second Warning

The ring is a path to another tomb.
The dead abhor sunlight.
Only a jewel can tame the frog.
Bow as the dead god intoned.
Into darkness descend.


Acererak's Third Warning

Walk through water
with weapon in hand.
Slake your shadow at the font.
The vulture is the first step.
Right the gods.
The walls of history tell all.


Acererak's Fourth Warning

Death to fire, dine or drown,
precious air, and falling sand.
The army sleeps in silence.
The mirror holds twelve.
Find the iron scepter's twin.
The maze holds the key.