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The Old Verbal Components

  • Feather Fall: pimlu
  • Fireball: bolfagri (not "fragi"— fa as fire)
  • Firebolt: danfagri
  • Knock: reggle (Swedish approx: "reggel")
  • Light and Light-related spells: frotz (Swedish note: not frots. The inhuman insectile zzz of di gamle will not respond.)
  • Mage Hand: xance (Swedish approx: "sjantje", like in sjuttio tjugo or sjö-tjänare)
  • Speak with Animals: nitfol
  • Spider Climb: pell fosk
  • Teleport: xyzzy
  • Unseen Servant: nalvi'ase'u (Swedish approx: "nal viha sehu")

More to come…

As your DM tells you components write them down in a way that you can say them—sound is more important than spelling when it comes to verbial components.