Do you go to the dungeon?

Text Inventory

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You can put big things in medium slots, as long as you don't have more big things than small things in medium slots. Mark them with a plus or minus after the name.

You are encumbered (-10 speed) if you are using two of these locations (backpack, armor&belt, shoulder slings), and heavily encumbered (-20 speed + disad SDC) if you are using all three.

The idea is that you can remove your backpack for a dangerous climb for example and become unencumbered.

Light armor is not encumbring.

You don't have to edit just to say "I draw my sword and it's now in my hand"; holding something doesn't make your load lighter. Just say it.

And just say when you place your backpack on the ground for a climb or a leap.

Just edit for scratching torches, picking up gems etc.


Flaps (str req 6)

Five small things in flap

  • Example small thing

Five more small things in inner flap

Main area (str req 6)

Five medium things

Side pouch (str req 9)

250 tiny things

Side sheaths (str req 9)

Two medium things

Hanging bundle (str req 15)

Six medium things

Extra stones (str req 18 & 21)

Each extra stone is three medium things, three pouches, or a mix. Or two stones can become a sack, so if you have str 21 you can add a sack here.

Armor and belt

Belt pouch (str req 3)

250 tiny things

Belt sheaths (str req 3)

Two medium things


(Chain shirt or breast plate requires str 6, half plate or ring mail str 9, scale mail or chain mail str 13 and splint or plate str 15. Light armor, or hide, isn't encumbring.)

Extra stones (str req 6, 9, 13, 15, 17 & 20)

If you are stronger than the armor you're wearing.

Shoulder slings

Messenger bag pouch (str req 3)

250 tiny things

Shoulder holsters (str req 3)

Two medium things

Shoulder sheaths (str req 6)

Three medium things

Extra stones (str req 8, 11, 14, 16, 19)