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Rejected House Rules

We started with the simple 32 page booklet in the Starter Set but over the years we've come to use a lot of house rules and DM options.

But here are some common house rules that we don't use.

RuleReason for rejection
Playing with miniaturesConfuses your LSD-addled DM to believe that the characters are ant sized
Point buy for statsDM gotten tired of point buy fiddliness & sameyness in other systems
FlankingToo easy way to get advantage w/o minis
Climbing with AcrobaticsI used to work as an acrobat when I was a teenager, and I danced contact impro in my 20s. I could never climb a wall, I was too weak. Climbing uses strength; acrobatics uses balance
Spending insp for a second die after the first rolled failedNot only does this remove a lot of the tension and interest around insp, and feels like an awkward retcon, it also really messes up the math of the game
Fumbles on natural 1Really punishes multiple attacks
Semantics on various dice results (such as a 4 being worse than a 5 even though both were misses)Removes too much of your character skill (becomes less about the +mod and more about the die itself) and makes the outcomes too chaotic and "swingy". A hit is a hit and a miss is a miss. Simple as that.