Do you go to the dungeon?

Pass Without Trace

OK here's my ex cathedra on the Pass Without Trace sitch:

I think we did it correctly. It's gonna be passive wisdom normally and if they're actively looking, which these ones were NOT, they can get rolls. You need an environment to hide in but that part was fine here. Esp in jungle that's going to be easy. This is going to be a way for you to sidestep many encounters in the future and that's fine. The faster we get out of this boring jungle and get to Omu the better♥

HOWEVER: The witch/warlock has the Devil's Sight power which can see through Pass Without Trace easily! We missed that! She could've told the others and then burninated you!

You’re right,Devil’s Sight doesn’t interact with this spell. Obv since Rope Trick exists, it is intended that level 2 spells can make the party disappear. My thinking PWT was OP is one of my biggest marks of shame as a DM. Trying to do better.