Do you go to the dungeon?

New Injury Table

Here's a new lingering injury table since with the increased diegetic detail, sometime's it's already very clear that an arm has been hit for example.

  • 1–3: Lose what's most appropriate from arm, hand, foot, leg or eye. (If random: 1: eye, 2: arm, 3: leg.)
  • 4–6: Horrible scar
  • 7–10 Minor scar
  • 11–14: Broken bone or swollen eye. Function is temporarily lost as above, but any magical healing restores it. A swollen eye heals up in 24h. (If random: 11: limp, 12–14: broken ribs.)
  • 15–17: Internal injury
  • 18–20: Festering wound

It's also re-ordered so that any 11 or higher means magical healing can fix you right up immediately, while 1–10 are more long-term effects.

It has the same probabilities as the classic table, which, for comparison, is here:

  • 1: Lose an eye.
  • 2: Lose an arm or a hand.
  • 3: Lose a foot or a leg.
  • 4: Limp.
  • 5–7: Internal injury
  • 8–10: Broken ribs
  • 11–13: Horrible scar
  • 14–16: Festering wound
  • 17–20 Minor scar