Do you go to the dungeon?


(Inspired by Songbird RPG)

When you give someone your liver (anchored in diegetics/roleplaying) they get the benefit of the equivalent of a level 3 Aid spell on them (10 hp for 8h). Also write them as a bond on your sheet.


Two characters that have traded livers can help each other with a d4 once per long rest. If they have traded multiple livers it increases to d6, d8 etc.


  • An NPC that have given their liver to someone (PC or NPC) can call in any one favor anytime they like.
  • A PC that gives their liver to someone (PC or NPC) can get advantage on a roll against them one time that day
  • Two ways to get out of this
    • Give them your liver back (creating a relationship instead), or
    • Tell them a secret

Multiple livers?

You start with 1 liver but there is no cap.