Do you go to the dungeon?

Know each other

When you make another player character’s trait, ideal, bond, flaw or relationship have significant impact on play,

  • you get a partial level-up right away. (You don’t also get xp for this.)
  • they get insp. If they also change that trait on their character sheet right away they get also pillar xp. (They don’t also get a partial level up for this.)

Getting a partial level up means picking something from next level. A new spell, a higher slot level, a class feature, a maneuver, a bigger ki pool… Make careful notes of what you did so you don’t mess up when you level up for real later.

You can get multiple partial level-ups but only from the level directly above you. In that case you need to be even more careful recording what you’ve done so you don’t mess up.

Getting pillar xp means:

Their levelXP amount
1 30
2 60
3 180
4 380
5 750
6 900
7 1,100
8 1,400
9 1,600
10 2,100
11 1,500
12 2,000
13 2,000
14 2,500
15 3,000
16 3,000
17 4,000
18 4,000
19 5,000

What “significant impact” means is up for debate. But if things would’ve happened the same without that trait, ideal, bond, flaw or relationship, it didn’t have significant impact.

Each trait, ideal, bond, flaw or relationship can only be used once in this way if it doesn’t change.

If they have left the field blank, that's also something that could be made to have an impact. Someone who doesn't have an ideal… and might gain one?