Do you go to the dungeon?

Hit Points, Damage, Injuries and Wounds

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So being hit means getting some damages like DSFs (Death Save Failures) & lingering injuries. You kind of don't want these. You want to be healthy & living.

Luckily you have something called Hit Points that you can spend to negate a hit!

Each damage is associated with a cost to avoid it, block it, or otherwise negate it!


The skeleton hits you (you fail a defense roll 1d20 + 2 = 6 vs the skeleton's attacks' DC 14) for 5-damage.

Oh no, a 5-damage! You have to pay 5 hit points to avoid it!

If paying that takes you to your wound threshold or below, you will get hurt, and if it takes you to zero you might start dying!

The price is double if you have vulnerability to that damage type, or halved if you're resistant. It's free if you're immune! Talk about discount!

Danger, Danger

Monster attacks can inflict:

  • outright death
  • death save failures
  • death save rolls
  • injury rolls
  • wounds
  • bloody cuts
  • other effects (such as a ghoul's paralyze, a crocodile's grapple, a wight's life drain)

Sometimes you can spend HP to avoid these, sometimes you also need to make a save, spend actions etc. There are "messy" effects (such as a crocodile's bite among other things) that can't be avoided with HP. That's just an ability those monsters now have!

WTF is a Wound?

For each wound you have, you lose 1 max HP every day.

Any magical healing heals all open wounds. The "Healer" feat can also heal wounds (unlike other injuries).

Otherwise, someone tending to the wound can heal it non-magically but it takes ten successes (the person tending the wound making DC 15 wisdom checks); the successes don't have to be in a row but you can only try once per day per victim.

Any failure means the wound turns into a festering wound. That doesn't reset the success count or anything, the only difference is that the "Healer" feat doesn't work anymore. That's right. One obscure little feat is all the difference between a festering wound and a normal wound.

WTF is a Bloody Cut?

Scimitars can inflict these kinds of cuts. For each bloody cut you have, you lose 1d6 slashing hp at the beginning of your turn. Magical healing stops the wound as does a DC 10 wisdom check taken by anyone. So they are much easier to fix than other wound types but also much more urgent.

Table of Woes

TypeEffectHow to getHow to fix
Lost limb or eyeVariousInjury roll (1–3)Regenerate spell
ScarAdv or Disad on Cha unless minorInjury roll (4–10)Heal or Regenerate spell
Broken bone or swollen eyeImpaired, variousInjury roll (11–14)Any cure magic
Internal injury or broken ribsMust make con saves to make combat actionsInjury roll (12–17)Any cure magic, or rest for 10 days
Festering WoundLose 1 max hp per dayInjury roll (18–20) or fail tend check on woundany cure magic, or tend success 10 times
WoundLose 1 max hp per dayGetting hurt diegetically, hit by "messy" monster ability"Healer" feat, any cure magic, or tend success 10 times. At first failure it turns festering
Bloody cutLose 6 current hp [slashing] per turnScimitar ability"Healer" feat, any cure magic, or a one-action DC 10 wis check

More serious injuries are also accompanied by DSFs, passing out, or dying.

Pretties edition

Here is why it matters where you swing.

You can attack the monster's weapon instead of attacking the monster. The monster defends with strexterity instead of AC. If the weapon remains near the monster at the start of their turn they can usually just pick it up for free as long as they have a speed higher than zero, so act quickly once you've disarmed them!

You can also use the scimitar ability or any other weapon maneuver if you're proficient&wielding the appropriate weapon.

Beyond those two, any critical hit connects! And has a one-time effect depending on the target area.

Target areaEffect
Legs, wingsMonster can't move next round
Arms, spikes etcMonster attacks with disad next attack
Neck, head. Also: plates, armor, other protective featuresNext attack on monster has adv
Vague torsoNo effect
Specific part of torso (back, waist etc)Adjudication what's best from above three effects
Forgot to describeNo effect, or weapon sticks or breaks