Do you go to the dungeon?

Hit Points & Damage

(OK maybe not drop three tabs next time Sandra! Two is more than enough #LSD)

So being hit means getting some damages like DSFs (Death Save Failures) & lingering injuries. You kind of don't want these. You want to be healthy & living.

Luckily you have something called Hit Points that you can spend to negate a hit!

Each damage is associated with a cost to avoid it, block it, or otherwise negate it!


The skeleton hits you (you fail a defense roll 1d20 + 2 = 6 vs the skeleton's attacks' DC 14) for 5-damage.

Oh no, a 5-damage! You have to pay 5 hit points to avoid it!

If paying that takes you to your wound threshold or below, you will get hurt, and if it takes you to zero you might start dying!

The price is double if you have vulnerability to that damage type, or halved if you're resistant. It's free if you're immune! Talk about discount!