Do you go to the dungeon?

How it works

All right, first of all you've got to log in to edit or create articles. That's a difference from the poll pages. You don't have to do that to just read.

You can log in, or register a new user, down at the bottom right.

To create a new page, just go to it as if it were there (from a link, from a search or from the browser's address field). Put the campaign name before it with a : as a separator.

For example, let's say we were playing a Forgotten Realms campaign and you wanted to write about a character called Clanless Mehen. Then you could type Realms:Clanless Mehen into your browser, or type Forgotten Realms:Clanless Mehen in the search field at the bottom. The page you'll get to will look different in the two methods but both will have an "Edit" tab at the top left.

Then press that "Edit" (if you can read my handwriting).

Then just write. To do links, you write this:

[[Page name]]

(If the link is to a page in the same campaign, you don't have to write the campaign name inside the link, it'll figure it out. Following links to pages that doesn't exist and then pressing "Edit" is the other way of creating pages.)

If you want to make link with another kind of spelling, write this:

[[Page name|the different spelling]]

There's a lot of other things you can do, such as bold, headings etc but I'll explain that some other day. You can just write and I'll nerdify it later. Here is a little more info. The weirdest thing is that it takes a blank line in order to make new lines, or you can end the line with \\ , two backslashes and a space.

On our time poll pages none of that bold and italic stuff works but I've hacked in so you can do links. Both of the two methods above, with the [[-characters, work, but there's also a third method that only works there, that doesn't work in these articles yet. That's just pasting in an url with http:// and all, as long as there is no spaces in the url. It only works for addresses that are local to dnd.idi, to keep spammers at bay.

The original core philosophy behind this website was that I was tired of all the flame wars on BGG and tired of internet as a whole. I want to meet and play games, and that's why the core of the website is time scheduling and the conversations connected to them. I don't like trying to coordinate a group over SMS.

But I also see the possibility of together, at least a little bit, write about places, people and other things we meet in our role playing worlds. Who knows? It also helps us to remember them for future sessions.

PS. I always go overboard with stuff like this. But… it can become something cool?