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Grappling or Shoving

DM said on 2019-04-25, 07:31

So when you shove someone, you can choose between making them prone or pushing them five feet. So you can push people off the balcony edge.

When you grapple someone, you can then drag them with you (at half your normal movement which in Fox' case… uh… Fox, your speed is 7, right? so you could've dragged him three feet and then dropped).

But it's the same roll. Strength vs "strexterity". So it's easier to just describe things in terms of fictional positioning in the shared imagined space w/o being like "ok is this a Grapple™ or a Shove™. I'm good at translating things into the List of Official Conditions™ which is like 90% of my DM screen anyways.

(PS even with the old skill system it was the same roll; athletics vs "athlobatics")

This isn't 3e where grappling rules both are six pages long (hahaha maybe I shouldn't talk since I've turned our climbing rules from 1 sentence to six pages myself) and extremely UP since you immediately attract 9 opportunity attacks from everyone on the nearest six floors of the dungeon whenever you grapple. it's easy to grapple


the person you're wrestling with or shoving (again, same for both) can't be more than one size category bigger than you. I had forgotten that li'l aspect of the rule! Luckily for you, even though Fox is small, Frankie-my-boy is only a medium creature!