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Bot talk

Fox said on 2019-04-19, 07:21

Wait, did we end up with Monday to Sunday? I thought the sentiment was that we'd keep the current spread.

Sandra said on 2019-04-19, 07:22

As long as we have the current system of voting bots, of having a couple of discussion days (well, mostly Sunday), it's gonna be Wednesday to Tuesday.

But I have another system in mind. It has a long way to go before done, though

Sandra said on 2019-04-19, 07:22

In that system there'd be no official "bot hour" when it's called; the polls would be checked continuously and an ever-changing list of "When is D&D" days would be kept updated on the front page.

There'd be one type of vote, let's call it a square vote, or some sort of anchor emoji or w/e, for "I'm playing this day for sure" and one type of vote, let's call it a round vote, or whatever symbol makes sense for it, that means "I want to play on one of the round votes this week".

I.e. someone puts in square Monday and Tuesday, and round Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, that means they've signed up for three games.

The new bot that replaces ProposeBot, will schedule game days when we have between 3 and 5 players + DM. So it'll say on the front page "Tuesday (2097-12-18), Laratha, Mikael E, Fox" for example. It'll use the names people used in the polls. [Michael J Fox…?] But it won't overtax those that put in round votes. A round vote means one of these votes.

That's the idea. Currently only daydream stage. Probably less real than the D&D house at this point. I haven't even sorted out the algorithm, let alone the implementation.

Also it's not a great fit for the party's current sitch (hunting for the soul monger inside the T9G), it's better suited for a more open-ended type of game. Not that Tomb of A isn't a sandbox, it is, but there's kinda strong motivation to find this particular maguffin and when we schedule a bunch of extra days it sucks to be left out. So far we've been kinda lucky and people haven't missed much; I thought the last two sessions were the best of all time (I really like that kind of D&D, like when you were working with the door or the propeller) but they were kinda puzzly & pixel-hunty which I know Laratha isn't the world's biggest fan of, for example.

There are a couple of things that made me want this; one reason is that people keep forgetting to vote, and another is that scheduling extra days manually is a reminder of the bad old days of scheduling everything manually. Another reason is that if we get more players [if we find players that everyone is cool with, or the bot could schedule the groups separately], the bot could invite up to five people or whatever we decide is a good cap. TBH I thought our 10 person Hillfolk sessions worked pretty well but it depends on the type of game I guess.

I didn't want to write all of this down since I didn't want to commit to doing it because it's all on my "someday, maybe"–list and not any concrete plans. But it's what caused my to express exasperation of badly things are working now, and the "seam" between Wednesday and Tuesday is one of those issues. There'd always be a seam of some kind though. IDK. But the reason why we have Tuesday-weeks, the tyranny of ProposeBot, would not be there any more.

Or maybe instead of anchors/squares/round, the vote symbols could be numbers. So four '2' votes, or 'II' votes or w/e, could mean "I want to play any two of these four days". Or, better UX but it'd require me to delve deeper into the ruby than'd make me happy, you'd select the days and then enter the number from a separate list.

I.e. first question "how many days this week are you available?" and second question "how many times do you want to play this week?".

As far as "question mark" votes go; my understanding was that they originally meant "I can play this day but helst inte", Fox asked me to change the meaning to "I probably can't play this day but there's a slight chance". Which, for the purps of ProposeBot's thinking, is very meaningful information, but for the purps of DnDEveryDayBot's thinking isn't meaningfully different from an X. It, however, COULD really use the original "I can but helst inte" meaning; scheduling games on that day as a last resort if that's the only way to make things work.

IDK just dropping some tabs of ordinary water with a few spoonfuls of LSD rn.