Do you go to the dungeon?

Borderlands diary

Days 1 to 8

A Shadar-Kai family: Zahar, his wife Lamorrea and their two-month old baby Pashen were on a journey from the Shadowfell where they had overthron a burgomeister of a small fortified town, overrun by skeletons. They stole weapons, armed the other Shadar-Kai there to liberate the city, but eventually it was overrun and they fled to Mystara.

Brin, the human soldier, was the sole survivor of another skeleton massacre, on the prime material plane of Mystara. He was a lowly soldier, a cavalier-in-training, the last to carry the phoenix mark on his shield. His horse, Graymane, carried him.

Brin, Zahar, Lamorrea and Pashen met on the road, traveled for a week together and after a few days at the Keep, Zahar and Brin left for the Caves of Chaos and never returned.

Lamorrea now works at the inn the Stretching Goat. Her baby sleeps on the counter. She has not heard news from the east.

Four months later

Days 1 to 3

It's fall but the trees are baring, months early.

Peren, an elven hunter, makes his way to the keep, guarding a strange precocious boy. Peren wants to put goblins in their graves. The boy accompanies him to the caves of chaos. They defeat 17 goblins and one ogre. They find a horse with no name and take it.

At the Stretching Goat they make friends with a priest who wants to follow them to the caves.

Peren has an order in at Ghor's for two swords and a set of studded leather armor.

Boyce, the human boy, is working on creating Alchemist's Fire.

Days 3 to 11

The priest and his adepts betrayed them in a fight vs the hobgoblins but they managed to survive and kill the hobgoblins. Three hobgoblin little kids ran away.

At the tavern, they found a mercenary couple that works for them for one GP per day, Kinitel and her husband Lashak.

Back in the dungeon they found some tortured captives of the hobgoblins.

A gnoll that just laughed and attacked them that they killed, Nargel the orc that traveled with them for a while but didn't followed them to the keep.

The merchant couple, Lhodis and Laressa, gave them the enchanted dagger Sathariel (+1 to hit and damage, and sings when you hit & fills its owner with bliss & optimism).

Two fighters, Mornet and Faray, offered their loyalty for one year in exchange for room and board. Mornet wasn't really into it, so the party let him go. But they took on Faray to join their party: Boyce, now known as "Scrappy", Peren, Kinetel, Lashak, and Faray.

When they went back to the dungeon the next day, they captured the goblin boss and three of his wives (they killed two of the wives). But they were hurt badly and asked Lashak to leave the cave. Kinetel was hesitant to let her husband go… And Faray got hurt in the fight, took an internal bleeding and fainted.

They were dragging Faray out from the caves back to town and just as he woke up, they came around a party of gnoll slavers. Faray took an arrow to the eye and was knocked unconscious. Peren also went down, but only with a minor scar. But Kinetel lost a foot through a bad torn ligament from a stray gnoll arrow. With everyone else unconscious, Scrappy killed the gnolls and waited four hours for the others to wake up. They heard the tremor of an earthquake in the distance and they went back to the keep with the goblin boss and wives in tow. We'll pick up next time as they approach the keep.

They still haven't found Kinitel's husband, Lashak…

Days 11 to 13

Good news! They found Lashak!!!!!!!!

The party right now is Scrappy.

Lashak, Faray, Kinitel and Peren are dead.

Days 13 to 14

O listen up folks I'll sing you a tale
of Kethra the fighter who'll always prevail
He fought the kobold with valor and guile
and fought the gray ooze with remarkable style

He had four soldiers who followed him true
to give those orcs their blood-dripping due
But woe and horror, they couldn't get rid
of their truest trouble: SCRAPPY THE KID!

Days 14 to 17

OK två av deras henches dog och så är dom i rum nummer 27 och armor of agathas har tagit 10 minuter och lanternan har tagit 1h20m

Nightal 1 to 3 (alt timeline—but later)

Kethra and Reed found one of Rogahn's shields in the Quasqueton.

They also found two barbarian generals, Harg and Lo. Lo's husband had died. They agreed to help them kill everyone in the keep.