Do you go to the dungeon?

Old Time Religion

(This is for Bladen Faller, Sandra's homebrew campaign setting!)


If you're looking for what's normal and unsurprising in Indre:

Gods: Aleo, mostly, and to some extent Firebride and Djong.
Beings: Humans, hobbits, elves (visiting from Barle), dwarves (visiting from Tanstäde).

Other religions and other beings are more in the realm of "weird shit" or spoken of in hushed tones or by the old or well-traveled.


Tiefling are common. They have the devil in their family. But the most common beings are humans, hobbits, elves and dwarves. Indre is the name of a duchy where humans and hobbits live. In Indre, worshp of Aleo is common.

Genasi are seen as especially blessed by the gods. Aasimar are rare and are a sign of sin in an air genasi's family. Air genasi are more common than Aasimar. Aasimar are born to seek redemption for their family to Aleo.

Similarly, dwarves are sinners from earth genasi families, seeking redeption to Djong, but unlike aasimar, dwarves are numerous in this world, outnumbering earth genasi by far. They have their own duchies. For example, the duchy of Tanstäde, just east of Indre.

Eladrin are born in the feywild whereas wood elves and high elves are born here on Bladen Faller. The elven duchy to the west of Indre is named Barle.

Shadar-Kai are from the Ogival Vault.

Drow (also known as Älf-Adal) are from the Veins of the Earth.

The Four Gods


God of order. Of reason. Of a soft breeze.
He loves knowledge clerics, order clerics, tempest clerics and devotion or conquest paladins.
His symbol is a black bead.


A.k.a. Firebride. Glödfrun.

Goddess of travel. Of restlessness. Of impatience.
She loves light clerics, zealot barbarians, celestial pact witches, and sun soul monks.
Her symbol is a wheel.


God of hearth. Of home.
He is especially fond of life clerics, but he also has plenty of grave clerics and nature clerics, and some forge clerics.
His symbol is a wooden spoon.

Den Onämnbara

Some people seem to have voluntarily taken up service to her but little is known about their religion. They seem to be mostly enchantment wizards, monster hunter rangers, and above all – monks! Monks are faithful to Den Onämnbara. Monks of shadow, open hand, four elements, drunken master, and kensai. These monk orders see the sun soul path as a betrayal of their goddess.

She doesn't have a symbol and she doesn't grant spells to clerics.


Fey, eladrin, and their wild are enemies of clerics and druids, with the exception of the circle of dreams, who have made peace with the summer court of Titania.

The fey often make fey pacts with witches and oaths of the ancients with paladins. Some bards get their powers from fey.

Oberon's symbol is a dandelion seedhead.
Titania's symbol is a mirrored moon.

The Devil

Also known as… The adversary. The interloper. Rushifell. The bargain at the crossroads. Satan. The temptress. The last kiss.
Their symbol is a violin.

Tieflings bloodlines have been touched by them.

They have made many fiend pacts with witches. Some bards get their power from the devil. Some wizards also seek counsel with them.

The man with blood on his hands

Also known as… The mathematician. The architect. Herr Kullberg. The fish surgeon.

He makes love pacts with witches and he has trickery domain clerics and gloom-stalker rangers.

(The "great old one" pact is called the love pact in Bladen Faller's world. Warlocks are more commonly known as "witches" but "warlock" or "lock" is also fine for them. The name "warlock" means "traitor" in the old runes.)

His symbol is a squared circle.

The Cardinal

She is also known as Sathariel, or the Mother, or the Indigo Arm.

She makes hexblade pacts with witches. She can make grave clerics or order clerics, and necromancy wizards sometimes seek counsel with her, but if they do they are likely to get killed.

(The "shadowfell" is called The Ogival Vault in Bladen Faller's world.)

Her symbol is a window.

The Nightmare

This isn't a person… not any more. It was the marriage between Den Onämnbara and the Man with Blood on His Hands, while it lasted. Älf-Adal were born in that nightmare. The Veins of the Earth were opened by them.


The CardinalDen OnämnbaraFirebride
The man with blood on his handsThe DevilTitania

I don't mean that all of those people are equally strong or in some sort of balance. The four gods are gods, while you might meet the Cardinal or Titania in person. I also don't mean that Oberon and Titania are the only fey, or the only fey that can grant fey pacts.