Do you go to the dungeon?

The Pyramid

Minty Fresh lives here

More importantly, Gorm has its main shrine here. And remember to not step in the burial chambers of the old king and queen. The ghosts are nasty to face.

Minty fresh we got a wizard in a pointy hat and ain't afraid to use him. Buhahahahahaha

The Pyramid is inhabited by four opposing religious factions and some(probably cursed) lunatics in animal masks. There is also a lot of different monsters down there. Most notable are the mint-smelling slime, the shrieking ghost, and the giant lizard "God" Zargon who we only heard about.

The people in animal masks are waking dreamers

Minty Fresh was killed :( Reverse TPK. Maybe we can do a time rewind? The nice and friendly white apes were also killed. The evil Gormers and Usamgarans are at war against the friendly force of apes and skeletons.

Don't forget the pestilence rat and the big larvae. 2 lvl spells rules.