Do you go to the dungeon?


  • XP 233
  • Studded leather
  • Spellcaster / Mage med Sand Blood element
    • Cantrips Bloodbolt(firebolt)
    • Level 1 spells
      • Mood of Gravity By smearing the face with mud, dust, or jagged rock shards, the sorcerer’s soul fuses with a greater earth spirit, binding the emotions of the sorcerer to the movement of faults deep be- low. For the duration of the spell, an- noyance and minor pains result in tremors while wrath and great pain yield proportional restlessness of the earth. When the spell ends, the sorcerer becomes numb to the experience of any emotional intensity until the spell can be prepared again.
      • Laughter of the Vine The sorcerer causes themselves or an- other nearby to become innebriated, without resorting to any substance. For others, a saving throw applies. When the spell ends, the person so inebri- ated will hiccup forth a torrent of d6: 1 bubbles 2 butterflies, 3 moths, 4 hum- mingbirds, 5 glittering dust motes, or 6 poetry in iambic pentameter praising the sorcerer’s virtues.
      • Arboreal Balm The sorcerer may remove bodily pain from the willing by touching the body in suffering, whispering the words of the spell, and calling upon aid from slumbering forest spirits. When the spell ends, the flesh affected perma- nently becomes d6: 1. Blighted ropy coiled vines 2. Transparent like a jellyfish 3. Pliant smooth living wood 4. Mossy expanse 5. Spiny green cactus 6. Unyielding bark The flesh affected is too small to directly affect armor class or similar statistics, but may provide situational benefits or drawbacks.