Do you go to the dungeon?

A big city with high towers. Music is outlawed there.

Mahaba is a very strange city. Goods is very expensive and everyone is bartering over everything. There is a Gigantic djinn working at the harbor and the yearly lottery can make you a slave to your cat. There are also rumors of gigantic snakes that lives under the city, eating people at night.

It´s not a rumor that theres gigantic snakes under the city, it´s the truth. If only Rashad had been alive and confirm it maybe someone would believe me.

Theres also a lot of laws against believing in gods outside the five main ones that they got.

The Djinn that is working in harbor is a slave to a powerful Sha'ir(Warlock) thats living in the harbor. She´s really scary and shoots magic missile at you if you ask her questions.

Also theres a strange birdlike creature called Abu living in the town. Just don´t mention the cat to him, he might still miss it.

Remember that Abu was with us when we met the snakes. He hates them because they killed a friend of his.

Yes that's right, the snakes killed Abu's best friend.