Do you go to the dungeon?



1. Community & Family

  • Siblings
  • Parent & Child
  • Bloodsworn Oath of Best Friendship Forever
  • al-Badia desertfolk of the House of Thawr
  • Two goblins in a big world
  • New in town & Safaq born and raised

2. Devout Worshippers of…

  • Hakiya of the Sea Breeze
  • Haku, Master of the Desert Wind
  • Najm the Adventurous
  • Selan the Beautiful Moon
  • Zann the Learned
  • The League’s Pantheon (Hajama, Jauhar, Kor, Najm, Selan)

3. Crime

  • Holy Slayer of the Everlasting & Victim’s Family Member
  • Smugglers
  • Pickpocket & Mark
  • Nothing personal. Just business. I hope you understand.
  • Running the long con together
  • Pirates

4. “Heroes”

  • A. wants B. to take responsibility for the last failed mission but ____
  • A. trusts B. to always have their back but ____
  • A. wants to be recognized as leader by B, but ____
  • A. looks up to B. but ____
  • A. is a golden opportunity for B. but ____
  • A. wants B. to remain loyal to Sultan Kara al-Zalim, but ____

5. Work

  • Fishers
  • Askar soldiers
  • Barber & Favorite Customer
  • Dwarven Miners
  • Mage & Apprentice
  • Rubban (Captain) & Bosun

    6. Romance

  • Current spouses
  • Secret Lovers
  • Eternal Sunshine—two level 12 character who used a Wish "I wish we had never met", and lost all their levels and memories of each other. Why is the other person so… fascinating?
  • Betrothed but not into each other anymore
  • A. wants B. to confess their love, which hasn’t happened yet because ____
  • Rivals


1. To find the truth…

  • …about Zulmat, the Darkness in Jumlat
  • …about the fruit of Sunless Island
  • …about the Veins of the Earth
  • …about Holy Slayers of the Everlasting
  • …about the Grendleroot
  • …about the haunted house up the coast

2. To get onboard a ship…

  • …by capturing the Sea Ghost
  • …by saving up enough money for one, fair and square
  • …by buying one with the money from that Big Crime Score
  • …by working for their passage
  • …by building one
  • …by repairing an abandoned ship

3. To get rich…

  • …by grabbing the treasure from the haunted house up the coast
  • …by finding treasure on Dyson Island
  • …by winning the Great Task of the Pearl for Gana
  • …by getting the 50000 dinar reward for destroying the threat to the pearl beds
  • …by running a merchant business
  • …by shady dealings

4. To get revenge…

  • …on the pirate rubban (captain) Guldeer
  • …on the smugglers on the Sea Ghost
  • …on the bandit crew on Sunless Island
  • … A wants to be forgiven by B., but the issue is ____
  • …on the House of Thawr
  • …on the Sultan of Jumlat

5. To be a hero…

  • …by cleansing the unholy spirits in the haunted house up the coast
  • …by rescuing the Huzrela adventurer siblings from Sunless Island
  • …to get respect (A. wants respect from B., which hasn’t happened yet because ____)
  • …by exploring the ruins of the Grendleroot under Blackclaw Island
  • …by slaying the bull-man of al-Thracia
  • …who nobody will fuck with

6. To rule

  • …by marrying a sultan’s heir
  • …by founding a new city
  • …the waves
  • …an army of undead
  • …the village of Safaq
  • …Zakhara, the Land of Fate

Objects & Locations

1. Islands

  • Blackclaw Island
  • Sunless Island
  • Dyson Island
  • al-Thracia Island
  • Durrar Island
  • Abbey Isle

2. In&Near Safaq village

  • The haunted house up the coast
  • The Empty Net tavern
  • Quartermaster’s Shop
  • The Weekly Market
  • Solmor House
  • The Dwarven Mine

3. Further away

  • The Drowned Forest
  • Jumlat, City of Multitudes
  • Gana, City of Riches
  • The Crowded Sea
  • Hawa, City of Chaos
  • Chult

4. Items

  • Ring of the Holy Slayer & A carved marble elephant
  • 1000 dirham & 70 dinars
  • Mystery Key & Candle of the Deep
  • Horn of Silent Alarm & Bead of Nourishment
  • Silver caltrops & a set of twelve candles
  • A carved marble elephant & A petrified frog

5. Chasing Paper

  • Spell Scroll: Healing Word
  • Spell Scroll: Prestidigitation
  • Spell Scroll: Light
  • Spell Scroll: Hallucinatory Terrain
  • Scroll with proof of the Sultan Yusef’s Heirs
  • Weird map from the bazaar

6. Potions

  • Potion of Healing
  • Potion of Heroism
  • Potion of Climbing
  • Potion of Water Breathing
  • Potion of Invisibility
  • Potion of Longevity