Do you go to the dungeon?



1. Community & Family

  1. Siblings
  2. Parent & Child
  3. Bloodsworn Oath of Best Friendship Forever
  4. al-Badia desertfolk of the House of Thawr
  5. Two goblins in a big world
  6. New in town & Safaq born and raised

2. Devout Worshippers of…

  1. Hakiya of the Sea Breeze
  2. Haku, Master of the Desert Wind
  3. Najm the Adventurous
  4. Selan the Beautiful Moon
  5. Zann the Learned
  6. The League’s Pantheon (Hajama, Jauhar, Kor, Najm, Selan)

3. Crime

  1. Holy Slayer of the Everlasting & Victim’s Family Member
  2. Smugglers
  3. Pickpocket & Mark
  4. Nothing personal. Just business. I hope you understand.
  5. Running the long con together
  6. Pirates

4. “Heroes”

  1. A. wants B. to take responsibility for the last failed mission but ____
  2. A. trusts B. to always have their back but ____
  3. A. wants to be recognized as leader by B, but ____
  4. A. looks up to B. but ____
  5. A. is a golden opportunity for B. but ____
  6. A. wants B. to remain loyal to Sultan Kara al-Zalim, but ____

5. Work

  1. Fishers
  2. Askar soldiers
  3. Barber & Favorite Customer
  4. Dwarven Miners
  5. Mage & Apprentice
  6. Rubban (Captain) & Bosun

6. Romance

  1. Current spouses
  2. Secret Lovers
  3. Eternal Sunshine—two level 12 character who used a Wish "I wish we had never met", and lost all their levels and memories of each other. Why is the other person so… fascinating?
  4. Betrothed but not into each other anymore
  5. A. wants B. to confess their love, which hasn’t happened yet because ____
  6. Rivals


1. To find the truth…

  1. …about Zulmat, the Darkness in Jumlat
  2. …about the fruit of Sunless Island
  3. …about the Veins of the Earth
  4. …about Holy Slayers of the Everlasting
  5. …about the Grendleroot
  6. …about the haunted house up the coast

2. To get onboard a ship…

  1. …by capturing the Sea Ghost
  2. …by saving up enough money for one, fair and square
  3. …by buying one with the money from that Big Crime Score
  4. …by working for their passage
  5. …by building one
  6. …by repairing an abandoned ship

3. To get rich…

  1. …by grabbing the treasure from the haunted house up the coast
  2. …by finding treasure on Dyson Island
  3. …by winning the Great Task of the Pearl for Gana
  4. …by getting the 50000 dinar reward for destroying the threat to the pearl beds
  5. …by running a merchant business
  6. …by shady dealings

4. To get revenge…

  1. …on the pirate rubban (captain) Guldeer
  2. …on the smugglers on the Sea Ghost
  3. …on the bandit crew on Sunless Island
  4. … A wants to be forgiven by B., but the issue is ____
  5. …on the House of Thawr
  6. …on the Sultan of Jumlat

5. To be a hero…

  1. …by cleansing the unholy spirits in the haunted house up the coast
  2. …by rescuing the Huzrela adventurer siblings from Sunless Island
  3. …to get respect (A. wants respect from B., which hasn’t happened yet because ____)
  4. …by exploring the ruins of the Grendleroot under Blackclaw Island
  5. …by slaying the bull-man of al-Thracia
  6. …who nobody will fuck with

6. To rule

  1. …by marrying a sultan’s heir
  2. …by founding a new city
  3. …the waves
  4. …an army of undead
  5. …the village of Safaq
  6. …Zakhara, the Land of Fate

Objects & Locations

1. Islands

  1. Blackclaw Island
  2. Sunless Island
  3. Dyson Island
  4. al-Thracia Island
  5. Durrar Island
  6. Abbey Isle

2. In&Near Safaq village

  1. The haunted house up the coast
  2. The Empty Net tavern
  3. Quartermaster’s Shop
  4. The Weekly Market
  5. Solmor House
  6. The Dwarven Mine

3. Further away

  1. The Drowned Forest
  2. Jumlat, City of Multitudes
  3. Gana, City of Riches
  4. The Crowded Sea
  5. Hawa, City of Chaos
  6. Chult

4. Items

  1. Ring of the Holy Slayer & A carved marble elephant
  2. 1000 dirham & 70 dinars
  3. Mystery Key & Candle of the Deep
  4. Horn of Silent Alarm & Bead of Nourishment
  5. Silver caltrops & a set of twelve candles
  6. A carved marble elephant & A petrified frog

5. Chasing Paper

  1. Spell Scroll: Healing Word
  2. Spell Scroll: Prestidigitation
  3. Spell Scroll: Light
  4. Spell Scroll: Hallucinatory Terrain
  5. Scroll with proof of the Sultan Yusef’s Heirs
  6. Weird map from the bazaar

6. Potions

  1. Potion of Healing
  2. Potion of Heroism
  3. Potion of Climbing
  4. Potion of Water Breathing
  5. Potion of Invisibility
  6. Potion of Longevity