Do you go to the dungeon?

Durrar Island

Lore tid bits:

Sometimes called "Sunless Island"

Debbi and rats have been sighted there.
Dead fish floating with pin pricks around the island.

"This is to increase the chances of the seed of the catastrophe tree coming to rest in a place thick with violence and conflict"

"Its leaves, if chewed, can numb the pain of life. Not the physical pain of wounds, but the sorrows of existence itself. Those chewing the leaf are sealed agaist terror, fear, sorrow, sadness, hope and joy. Nothing touches them. The leaves are extremely addictive, and banned in all civilised lands. At the same time, they are also very valuable. Their nature will be known to any professional criminal, but not necessarily anyone else."

JGG — Jalara's Glada Gäng ruled here.

Another entrance to the Underdark was found here.