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Domain News


  • Sultan of Jumlat orders that Mahnaz the mine operator gets a place on the village council of Safaq
  • Disappearances of divers and boat in the pearl banks near both Gana and Jumlat
  • Zulmat, "the darkness", killing spree in Jumlat
  • Holy Slayers of the Grey Fire made a failed assassination attempt on the sultan of Sikak

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1494, Taraq

  • In Safaq, Gufsha was convicted of necromancy.
  • In Safaq, some smugglers were arrested.
  • Out of the desert a swarm of skeletons came wandering. They attacked Gana. But they were defeated by Gana's flying rocs.
  • Sauhagin raided Jumlat! They killed hundreds of askari before being killed.
  • Mamluks came to clear up some sinners in Gana. But Gana's flying rocs ate them.
  • Gana send their flying roc to eradicate a band of thieves, camping in the wilderness near Ta'am.
  • Jumlat started recruiting replacement askari. So far no progress. They have 9000 soldiers but want to get back up to 10000.
  • Rumor: weird smell under The Empty Net tavern