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Domain News


  • Sultan of Jumlat orders that Mahnaz the mine operator gets a place on the village council of Safaq
  • Disappearances of divers and boat in the pearl banks near both Gana and Jumlat
  • Zulmat, "the darkness", killing spree in Jumlat
  • Holy Slayers of the Grey Fire made a failed assassination attempt on the sultan of Sikak

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1494, Taraq

  • In Safaq, Gufsha was convicted of necromancy.
  • In Safaq, some smugglers were arrested.
  • Out of the desert a swarm of skeletons came wandering. They attacked Gana. But they were defeated by Gana's flying rocs.
  • Sauhagin raided Jumlat! They killed hundreds of askari before being killed.
  • Mamluks came to clear up some sinners in Gana. But Gana's flying rocs ate them.
  • Gana send their flying roc to eradicate a band of thieves, camping in the wilderness near Ta'am.
  • Jumlat started recruiting replacement askari. So far no progress. They have 9000 soldiers but want to get back up to 10000.
  • Rumor: weird smell under The Empty Net tavern
  • Rumor: missing people in house at 34.

1494, Masta

  • In Safaq, a group of fishers harrassed Mahnaz and asked her to shut down her mine and leave town. She refused.
  • In Safaq, Fritz, an alchemist, was convicted of reckless use of alchemical vapors and sentenced to exile, in spite of having legal papers signed by the sultan of Jumlat.
  • The city of Gana returned the flying roc to home base.
  • Jumlat recruited 300 askari. Still looking to recruit 700 more to get back up to 10000.
  • Pirates tried to raid Gana but were defeated by their askari.
  • Mamluks of the wanderers came to raze the town of Safaq because of rumors of a Q'xetl cult there. They were killed by the town guard.
  • Rumor: Smugglers trying to sell weapons to the lizardfolk nest at Dunwa.
  • In Safaq, Abu Kha'ad Sa'mee al-Hiyq, a local nakhuda of a fleet of three fishingboats was arrested, by his own testimony (but he made his saves in the Zone of Truth) framed for smuggling by the man in white clothes and red sash and turban.

1494, Magarib

  • Jumlat invests caravans to increase their revenues.
  • Dunwa is ████████████████████████████████████████
  • Gana Trade Company take huge losses.
  • In Gana, a merchant prince buys cooperative businesses.
  • Sahuagin ████████████████████
  • In Safaq, Mahnaz left town after her mine was destroyed.
  • In Safaq, Gellan Pirwa, council member, has been arrested on charges of being the godfather of all smuggling leagues. He is awaiting sentencing in Safaq jail; the expectation is that the trial will take place in Jumlat
  • In Safaq, Eli, the guard captain, was assassinated by a man in white.
  • In Safaq, 20 guards were sent to an unknown location to fight against Jalara, one of the many Corsair Queens in the Crowded Sea. They did not return. A 500 dinar reward is offered for her.
  • All fish and oceanlife in a 100 mile radius around water near Safaq has died. A poster was posted in the fishing line that pointed out a last bastion of fish. Jolly good! Now we just need boats and earplugs!
  • In Jumlat, one of the court families have put up a reward for a thousand dinars for whoever can return the Half-Lady Sala al-Armuth so that she can be crowned amira. She was last seen heading off to Saliam Island, to ask the kahinas there to avenge her daughter.
  • Almost half of the population of Jumlat has died from poisoned water supply. 135000 people out of 300000.
  • Safaq was found empty—people had just dropped everything and left

1494, Gammam

  • Safaq population captured by moth cultists
  • Safaq Hakiyah mosque taken over by Istishia cultists from adb-Yson island
  • Fish still dead
  • Khadiga, the sha'ir of al-Zabdiyat, has reportedly chosen an apprentice.
  • The Lizalfos farmers of Dunwa report a bountiful ████████
  • Dunwa ████████████████ scouts!
  • A regiment of Jumlat askari were hidden with a trade caravan to Gana. At the same time a large Jumlat warship arrived in Gana's ports.
  • These forces made a significant dent in the operations of the Gana merchant prince but he bought out the resources of Jumlat's caravan and disbanded it
  • The Istishia cult in Xendros City recruited farmers

1494, Mihla

  • Fishing around Xendros City is flourishing once more.
  • Jumlat's pearl business was badly hit by the poisoning two months ago so the new sultan's court had to take the hit and pay the debts.
  • In Gana, the Merhcant Prince and the Gana Trading Company were annihilated, by Jumlat's askari and warfleet respectively. They seemed to focus their military effort on Gana's economic resources.
  • Istishia recruited even more farmers. They seem to be trying to amass resources.
  • There are rumors about those that are knowledgeable of the occult that Gana ████████████████
  • Meanwhile, the Sahuagin were █████████ by Dunwa

1494, Qawafil

  • Dunwa's scouts were annihilated by Sahuagin's thugs!
  • Jumlat used military to wipe out Gana's cooperative businesses, but, their fleet was wiped out by Gana's war rocs
  • The Steamforge magical school was founded by the legendary vanquishers of the Temple of the Blood Moth

1494, Safa

  • Sahuagin recruited more thugs!
  • Jumlat started marching their infantry towards Dunwa

1494, Dar

  • Rumors stir in the west! Sahuagin are building up!
  • Jumlat sent troops into Xendros City! Maybe Lalla Vasa, the abhorer, will revel in the gore of war?