Do you go to the dungeon?

Deepdelver's Job Board

A series of tunnels has recently opened exposing a temple to gods long forgotten. Explore these tunnels and acquire the artifacts and knowledge of the Aelf-Adal.

Explore Violet Falls. The lost gnomish city of Violet Falls has been discovered! Travel into the surrounding tunnels, find a way in, and explore the wonders of the gnomes of Violet Falls.

Two local bands of corsairs have been causing trouble for Deepdelver's Enclave. Find a way to get rid of these groups or stop them from harassing our explorers.

A blind priest of Zann named Ardus Fane has gone missing in the Forest of Iron. Please return the beloved priest to his apprentice, Cava Suntouched.

Guys, I found out who made that "finger" map. They called it a map to the Vault of thr Stars. It's north of the Deepdelver's Enclave; about two hours through Shadowreach and then about three more hours through the Veins.

Explore the Sunken Temple of the Aboleths. Deep delvers have found a sunken temple once belonging to the aboleths! Explore this vast temple and return with tales of the mysteries you find within.

Explore the Cell of the Sea. Explorers have located a strange vault to the Brotherhood of Sea deep in the mountain. Rumors speak of a powerful sun sword once belonging to a legendary Sea Mage still held within the cell.

Learn the lost lore held by the Pale Caliph. A being of great and terrible power sleeps in a vault near Hajar Village. Someone able to treat with this being could learn magic and lore lost for centuries. She has a Catastrophe Tree, a hainbreaker blade, a cloak of Xhorn Owl Down, and a Deck of Many Things.