Do you go to the dungeon?

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A deadly new poison with the street name of “Mortality” has been cropping up in the communities of the island. Can the PCs locate the source of the poison and put a stop to it? Relevant authorities in Newmarket or Gosterwick will pay up to 2,000 dinars/PC for proof that the supply has been permanently stopped.

Lillian, canon of the temple of Mitra in Newmarket, has gone missing. The high priest wants her back and is offering a reward (5,000 gp) to those who can accomplish the deed.

A kahin from the circle of the Old Forest has disappeared into Arden Vul. Disturbing reports suggest that this kahin, named Gerrilad the Grey, has ceased to concern himself with preserving the Balance. investigate and bring him to the circle for judgment.

Penetrate the Obsidian Gates The PCs hear of the Obsidian Gates and the stories of vast wealth concealed behind them. The challenge, of course, is how to open them …

All citizens of Dabab Island know that the ancient cult of Set (one of the Twelve) was proscribed centuries ago. The cult Set has been revived, and that its main cult center is reputed to lie within Arden Vul.

Sometimes scholarly research pays off! A contact has provided you with sure-fire information concerning the long-lost tomb of the Twins, that is, the resting place of the famous twin warriors of antiquity, Thekla and Taticus. The tomb is said to contain the Gemini blades which the twins used to defeat the troll of Helmdorf. Your contact will pay 15,000 gp for each of the Gemini blades, assuring you that there will be plenty of additional treasure in the tomb of the Twins and ‘nearby’ tombs. The contact informs you that the tomb is found along the south wall of the Drowned Canyon, next to the tomb of Phocius Tricotor; so if you can find Phocius’s tomb (easy!, says your contact), it’ll be a simple task to find the tomb of the Twins.

Assiduous explorers of Arden Vul, and particularly those who penetrate beyond the Obsidian Gates, are likely to come across reference to the great ship of the rudishva, the Beacon. Just what was this Beacon? Where may it be found? Can it be made seaworthy again?

Lady Alexia Basileon desperate to recover the four pieces of regalia that defined the office of archon during the glory days of Archontean control of Arden Vul

Locate the rogue archmage, Cerbactos Kalthetos, as well as the six rare codices that Cerbactos stole from the Imperial Academy’s library. Hard evidence of his location within Arden Vul (including a map from exterior to his sanctum) will produce a reward of 5,000 gp; return of each of the six codices will bring a reward equal to 1.5x their value; apprehending the Khan and bringing him to justice brings a reward of 25,000 gp and a choice of magic items; producing evidence of his death brings a reward of 5,000 gp.

Since the dark days of the war between Sortians and Theosophs, the number of collegia devoted to magical scholarship and training has been fixed by imperial decree at seven. And yet, rumors of an eighth, hidden collegium have persisted for centuries. It is said that the eighth collegium - if it exists - must have access to rare spells, summoning information, and magical processes. Gossip had fingered the archmage Nerub Null as a potentially leading figure in this shadowy organization. When he disappeared some fifty years ago, it was thought that he had died or gone underground. Now a reputable report places Nerub Null in Arden Vul with a small team of supporters. The leaders of at least five of the mainstream collegia will offer substantial rewards in coin, spells, and magic items to those who can produce definitive proof of the existence, structure, and operations of the eighth collegium; the reward doubles if the archmage Nerub Null can be brought alive for interrogation in Narsileon or Archontos.

A great, demonic evil has been growing within Arden Vul; if unchecked it threatens all of Dabab Island potentially the continent of Zakhara. This evil has been linked to the horrific ziggurat that is said to lie at the bottom of the dungeon.