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Horus Head Recruits

An'mee ibn Zi'ni al-Mushai: Male Human Sorcerer, CE. An'mee has a long face, with grey hair and narrow amber eyes. He wears modest garments and wields a quarterstaff and darts. An'mee is hunting those who knew him in a previous life of crime.

Abu Uqbah Mee'ni al-Hy: Male Elf Ranger, LG. Abu is common in appearance, with copper hair and blue eyes. He wears a breastplate and wields a pike. Abu has a horned owl named Umm.

Sa'ri al-An: Male Dwarf Fighter, N. Sa'ri has tangled black hair and hazel eyes, and pointed ears. He wears splint armor and wields a greatsword. Sa'ri has an animal companion, a silver dog named Umm.

Saha bint Hairy al-Saiqali: Female Half-elf Monk, LG. Saha has auburn hair and sharp hazel eyes. She wears simple clothing and wields a bo (quarterstaff) and sai (dagger). Saha seeks to help the poor and unfortunate.

Umm Sa'khyaa Ar'la al-Sadahi: Female Gnome Cleric, N. Umm is exceptionally beautiful, with white hair and blue eyes. She wears leather armor and wields a handaxe and shortbow. Umm believes that the gods are actually ancient and powerful dragons.

Umm Ha'wiya Safa al-Ih: Female Dwarf Rogue, NE. Umm has long white hair and narrow blue eyes. She wears studded leather and wields a light hammer. Umm seeks revenge against the thieves' guild which left her to hang.

Muni ibn Ma'wiya al-Sa: Male Dwarf Bard, CG. Muni has thin white hair and blue eyes, and small ears. He wears studded leather and wields a longsword and light crossbow. Muni has an animal companion, a red firedrake named Ihsaah.

Sama ibn Ud'riya al-Shy: Male Halfling Cleric, CN. Sama is fey in appearance, with long golden hair and green eyes. He wears a chain shirt and wields a spear. Sama is curious and driven, and often gets in way over his head.

Saary al-Fahai: Male Elf Cleric, N. Saary is short, with matted blonde hair and brown eyes. He wears studded leather and wields a light hammer and shield. Saary has an animal companion, a sable ferret named Yahim.

Baha bint Ma'ni al-Ha: Female Dao Genasi Fighter, N. Baha has sand skin and grey eyes, and numerous distinctive scars. She wears ring mail and wields a warhammer and net. Baha is absent-minded and irreverent.