Do you go to the dungeon?

boatmode session

boatmode session 77

B-team finally interacting with some straight up Ghost of Saltmarsh Official Content™ for once. Fun fun fun.♥

boatmode session 76

B-team annihilating all the cultists in Xendros City

boatmode session 75

A-team getting mixed up with the hunt for Firuz, getting frightened by the Dreadnaught, and setting sail towards Sams Bandar!

boatmode session 74

B-team lost boat and crew, bought new boat and crew. Romögat is my new darling.

boatmode session 73

A-team digging corpses out of the wall on the high Seas!

Fari got unfishified, Mo'ira got Vyderacified, Fun fun fun.♥

boatmode session 72!

B-team on abd-Yson rescuing Janina and Nyidra, fighting mildew, cockatrices, bone golems and owlbear statues and finding so much treasure and gems. Fun fun fun.♥