Do you go to the dungeon?

1001 Nights Off

  • First session, we played a horror game starring beggars and lowlifes from the streets of Qudra using the Cthulhu Dark ruleset, and after a break, followed that by starting a game about the history of the Ship Ummuhm before Kezim bought it, using the Chronicle ruleset.
  • Second session, we started a game about the history of one of Setara bint Aasim's jambiya knives, also using the Chronicle ruleset.

A good ruleset for 1001 Nights Off is one that's very different from D&D / Dramasystem. But, using our normal rules for a side story on an Night Off is also on the table. Imagine exploring a wizards' tower with some side characters & D&D rules, for example. D&D is my favorite game and will probably remain so for all time.

And, a Night Off can also be spent on maintenance stuff for CC — buying equipment, getting to know your crew better, learning the thieves' guild subsystem etc.

There are so many things we can do…

I'm thinking about trying the Dogs in the Vineyard ruleset, in the Zakhara setting. It's a very different experience from D&D. Annelise and Svart av kval and Nerver av stål and many others are also something I'm thinking of.

There is value in having some mainstays and getting used to them, for example Chronicle seems to work well.