Do you go to the dungeon?

Wongo's Riddle

Entrance inscription:

"Its better to be Wongos friend than his enemy"

There is five entrances to the shrine, four of which leading to an animal mask carved into the wall, the fifth and middle one lead into a room with a statue of a grinning Zu named Wongo, standing on its tail. The masks which are also visibe in this room are all looking at the statue

Inscriptions above animal masks:

Lion "I ate one of the boars friends"

Boar "the vulture is lucky to be alive"

Zebra "My only friend starved to Death"

Vulture "One of the others has no friends"

blue light shines on the statue of Wongo when you look through the eyes of each animals mask:

Lion lights up Wongos right hand

Boar lights up Wongos left foot

Zebra lights up Wongos right foot

Vulture lights up Wongos left hand

Each of Wongos hands and feet is shaped as a empty bowl

The statue is trapped with curses and conjuration magic is detected from it!

The base of the statue reads:
"Wongo's friend knows where to pour the water"