Do you go to the dungeon?


Before you stands Cora, a relatively short but sturdy hafling. Both of her feet firmly based to the ground, arms crossed patiently, her face radiating a welcoming smile.

The hood of her acolyte robe is thrown back revealing her emerald green eyes, dirt smeared face and flowing hazel brown curls somewhat obscuring gruesome scar on her left cheek. From her ankle to calf cloth has carefully been wrapped and a red stringy cord is wrapped around her wrists and hands. To her hip she carries a smaller discreet carrying pouch for her belongings.

Growing up in a cloister, it has helped her lead her life by example reserving her wrath and martial arts expertise for the cruel and wicked. Her body is a lethal weapon, few who aggregates her get to witness her cunning strikes and live to tell the story. She sees herself as a wanderer of the world, a righter of wrongs and an example that the spirit transcended and conquers the material.

Cora will do what ever it takes, to help find and vanquish the evil that lurks below the surface of Omu.

Edit: Cora is currently petrified in one of the temples of the nine gods. Only a spell of Greater Restoration will possibly restore her to her old self. (Ni måste också lägga en healing word eller cure wounds för en stor bit av henne är utskuren. + hela kroppen är stulen och bortburen till yuan-tis tempel)