Do you go to the dungeon?

Blaze Adventures

In the Flaming Fist, the rank of "Blaze" is the equivalent of Lieutenant in other armies without dorky fire themed names.

The party snuck up on and killed a bunch of human Flaming Fist soldiers and tortured their blaze and let her go in the jungle. I didn't write down her name!

But here are her adventures!


Uh… I was gonna roll up encounters and roll it out (with the 1d4v1d4 method, not full combat system) and make a list of everything that defeated her until she died or until she had found her fellow members of Flaming Fist. But literally the first encounter was she found her own army!

See, this is why rolling dice on your own without a witness sucks… :( this was such a small chance of happening and now no-one will believe me :(

I kept on rolling just for fun and the next encounter would've been insects that she defeated and the one after that would've been a monster you haven't seen yet, but you've heard rumors about, that easily defeated her. Each individual one was weaker than her but she was overwhelmed. But that was only in the AU. The truth – stranger than fiction – is that she met her friends right away!

Obviously the easy lore explanation is that she met the girl from her squad that snuck away before!