Do you go to the dungeon?

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Short summary of how to get it

You gain insp from giving in (in conversations), or for letting your fellow party members down.

First of all, grab an insp token so that the rest of us can see what’s going on, then challenge one of your (or someone elses) relationships, traits, ideals, bonds or flaws through a conversation, or through letting others down.

Challenging conversation

  • Look through either your own or someone elses traits, ideals, bonds or flaws, or at a relationship that one of you has, or the relationship between the two of you.
  • Grab an insp token and place it between the two of you.
  • Challenge that trait or relationship through conversation.
  • The insp token goes to the person who gives in.

Be ready to have to deal with the consequences of giving in. If you give in on your own trait, you might lose the trait.

Letting others down

Grab an insp token.

Show, or tell, how your trait, ideal, bond or flaw leads you to do something that other player characters rely on you to not do, or how it prevents you from succeeding on something that other player characters rely on you to do.

Sometimes it’s you trying to do the thing but failing (for example you have the flaw “I do sloppy work”). If you already rolled a die, flip the successful d20 to 1 and fail. (You don’t gain inspiration if you aready failed on the roll.) If there weren’t a die roll for this particular task, just time spent, then the time is wasted.

Sometimes you just don’t roll. This can be you trying & failing (“I do sloppy work”) or it can be you not even trying (“I refuse to polish the armor of those beneath me”).

If this is challenged it can lead to a conversation. In that case, the person who gives in gets the inspiration. If they convince you and you give in, you get the insp and you should also rewrite and change that trait.

Who can have insp?

Player characters can have insp. NPC insp goes to the DM. So inspiration that a beloved NPC ally of the players get, can be used by the evil hobgoblins against the players.

Using insp!

If you have inspiration, you can spend it to impose advantage or disadvantage on any d20 roll. (If you have more than one token, spend them all.)

Keeping insp!

You don’t need to keep track of the exact amount of insp tokens you have. You either have inspiration or you don’t. If you end the session with inspiration, you keep it until you use it.