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Arrow threat

Here's a house rule I designed for all non-magical weapons with ammo. Javelins, throwing darts, crossbows, bows etc.

If you are in Ordinary Fight (i.e. no chase or volley), you don't pay ammo until you make the killing shot.

You still make attack rolls as normal, decrease their HP as normal etc. But, their HP loss represents position, threat, stress etc. You draw back your string and you keep them marked by making attack rolls on them. And then, as they go to zero, you scratch one arrow. That was when you released the string. (If someone else swords them to death while you're threatening them w/ arrows, you save the arrow altogether.)

This rule is 100% optional. If you think it's cooler to blast your foe with arrows making them look like a porcupine, you are correct. But, more options, more better, right? This rule is something you can use when you wish, ignore when you wish.


This still counts as a ranged attack. So, no capturing enemies (you need mêlée for that) + you still get disadvantage at point blank etc etc. The only difference mechanically is that you don't use up your ammo.