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-====== Ammo Recovery ====== 
-I deleted what was here, it didn't work, back to the drawing board! 
-Let me try again: 
-If you **can't reach** the place where you shot your **ammunition** weapons 
-and threw your **thrown** weapons, they are lost. 
-If you **can reach** that area... 
-For ammunition, whether they hit or miss, roll 1d3 for each. 
-^Normal d3^Fate Die^Frankenstein die^Result^ 
-|1|minus|1|Broken, "mending" can fix it| 
-|3|blank|zero|Lost, gone| 
-For thrown weapons; if you hit, it didn't break. If you missed, 
-there is a 1/20 chance the weapon broke. Mending can fix it. 
-For aiming (which conserves ammo), see [[Aim Points]].