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Sandra said on 08.05., 12:11

OK I wrote up five ways to get Inspiration! (Link now fixed! Thanx Halo!)

Except for the Wound Threshold insp, the rest are all player initiated. Learn it, love it, or hate it, just use it♥
Or lose it♥

Sandra said on 23.05., 08:56

I removed four of those five ways but then added in two refined variants of two of those four uh this sentence became confusing but what I mean is this:

There are now three ways to get insp:

* Wound threshold
* Start a challenging conversation
* Face a challenge

See the page for deets!

Sandra said on 06.06., 10:57

I want to simplify the insp rules by a lot.
Sorry Hillfolk.

I'll remove 2- and 3- spends ("force" and "counter"). And it also now longer doesn't cost insp to win an argument.

In other words, insp will always come from the bank, and imposing advantage or disadvantage is going to be the only use.

But just like before, in an petition, it's the person who gives in who gets the insp.


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