Do you go to the dungeon?
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Name ▾▴ L1 Death Propeller ▾▴ L1 Underground river ▾▴ L2 Gravity Tomb ▾▴ L2 More wine ▾▴ L3 Minotaur ▾▴ L3 Platform Room ▾▴ L4 10x10 corridor ▾▴ L4 5x5 Corridor ▾▴ L4 Throneroom ▾▴ L5 Controll Room ▾▴ L5 Maze ▾▴ L5 Underground Sea ▾▴ Last Edit
| Mikael E ? ? ? Sat May 18 21:12:38 2019

| Laratha Tue Jun 4 08:28:44 2019
| Halo ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Tue Jun 4 11:05:04 2019
Total 1 1 0 1 1 3 1 1 0 1 1 0


DM said on 15.04., 14:25 

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I haven't put in every single option you have, just a couple of ideas to start with. You can probably come up with more things to do. But this is to make play less aimless and to make it easier for me to know which areas to prep.

Halo said on 02.05., 23:13 

the vulture in the third warning may refer to the hyena since they are both scavengers

Halo said on 14.05., 08:30 

A few more thoughts. The creature in the lake knows something about the soulmonger but refuses to tell. Maybe there is someway to make it spill the beans?

Also maybe the zombie painters in the throne room could show us what happened in the control room?

DM said on 14.05., 08:33 

By L5 maze do you mean the one on the wall on L4 or do you mean something else on L5?

Halo said on 14.05., 08:57 

Actually I'm not sure what maze this is

Mikael E said on 14.05., 13:08 

The maze next to U´nk chest that you where in. The mini Maze wall.

San said on 14.05., 13:12 

That's on L4

Mikael E said on 14.05., 13:23 

You go down the stairs from level 4 where the bolder "rolled down". So its lvl 4.5 or level 5

Halo said on 14.05., 14:03 

You think there is more to find in there?

San said on 14.05., 14:12 

Oh I forgot about that, you're absolutely right. Feel free to delete my comments about which floor this maze is on

San said on 14.05., 14:14 

I had looked on the wrong map when commenting here. The way we played it in the game is right

Mikael E said on 14.05., 16:10 

Big maze, many keys? I can not say that we have explored it. But not sure i wanna go back there unless theres something saying that theres more in there or theres no other place to explore for clues.

Mikael E said on 01.06., 12:21 

Removed some of the paths that are explored.
Don´t think there where any new paths to explore last time.

Halo said on 04.06., 07:08 

Did we not explore those corridors on lvl 4? Also we haven't tried the fountain at lvl 1

Mikael E said on 04.06., 08:09 

Corridors are unexplored. We only traped some gargoyles in one.

Halo said on 04.06., 11:06 

I have a bad feeling about the platform room...

Fox said on 04.06., 14:06 

I mostly put in ?s because I don't remember/know most of those places.