Do you go to the dungeon?
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Name ▾▴ Dunwa ▾▴ Mahnaz Mine ▾▴ Necro Island ▾▴ Search for Brine Hand ▾▴ Sunless/Durrar Island ▾▴ Last Edit
| Na Im? ? ? Mon Sep 14 11:07:04 2020
| Umaji ? ? Sun Sep 27 12:49:57 2020
| Sa'ma? ? ? ? ? Sun Sep 27 14:12:27 2020
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DM said on 15.04., 14:25 

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If this comment thread becomes too long, you can delete comments. If you have something secret to discuss, away from DM's prying ears, you can do that over email.

I haven't put in every single option you have, just a couple of ideas to start with. You can probably come up with more things to do. But this is to make play less aimless and to make it easier for me to know which areas to prep.

Na Im said on 14.09., 11:05 

Trådar som inte har en koppling ännu
Zulmat i Jumlat
Divers/boats diappering around Safaq/Jumlat/Gana
Man in white whit a red turban cussing havoc in Safaq
Mamluks thats on the war path