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DM said on 05.05., 15:58

Wow, that was difficulter than I thought it would be but I hope this is going to work: Ammo recovery.

DM said on 05.05., 17:13

Aiming in GURPS (a kinda crappy game in many ways, but a game I grew up with #tantsandra) works similarly but gives you a bonus to-hit instead of what I do, which is that it gives you extra damage. Extra to-hit is not a great fit with 5e because of bounded accuracy and because of HP as more of a death clock than what it is in GURPS where it's a more literal representation of litres of blood.

DM said on 06.05., 08:02

Att det ska vara så svårt! fortfarande har regeln inte blivit bra; back to the drawing board!!!

DM said on 25.05., 10:00

Fifth try!!! Aim points


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