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-====== Session summaries ====== 
-CC5, by Micke H: 
-"Great game yesterday! [[Tarala|Tarala]] surely set her foot in some hornet nest while playing around and getting played by the whole [[Hawa|town]]. Fearing the wrath from the [[Istishia cult|cult]], [[Jayani|the Pirate Queen]], [[Setara|Setaras]] allies and [[Grima|Grima]], the [[Ummuhm|crew]] have now taken a tactical "vacation", treasure hunting on a nearby [[The Island of Gardens|island]]. On their journey they met [[Nulea|a sea giant]], a couple of flying snakes and [[Yufar|Yufar]] and [[Azira|Asira]] got a lot closer on the ship with the help of Celine Dion! After landfall, the crew has started to search the island together with the new lvl 1 crew member [[Ibiala|Ibina]] - Taralas "gift" from the Queen."