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     - [Taraq](al-qadim/tales/1494/taraq)     - [Taraq](al-qadim/tales/1494/taraq)
     - [Masta](al-qadim/tales/1494/masta)     - [Masta](al-qadim/tales/1494/masta)
 +## Magarib 1–2
 +### The Tale of the Soul Dagger
 +Acererak created the dagger from a shard of the soul monger, a magical
 +skullgem, a ring of intelligence, smoke of his breath, and the heart
 +of a dragonborn, and the stone itself is in fact a fragment of his own
 +The dagger is made from the soul of a living natural creature, and it
 +cannot be healed from the death of a living creature. The soul in
 +question is the mishap of a living creature, and the dagger is the
 +destruction of a living creature. The dagger is never killed, as it is
 +a living creature, and the destruction of the mishap is always the
 +death of the living creature.
 +The dagger can be used as a weapon, as a tool, or an ordinary dagger.
 +When al-Bek, the Kahin, ordered Sir Bradford to destroy the dagger,
 +the ghosts inside were restored from the evil forms Acererak had
 +turned them into and their souls found peace among the planes.
 +Even as the plane guardians watched their numbers dwindle, their
 +sovereigns continued to look on with hope and goodwill, and the Vizier
 +of Fate also continued to watch the trouble with which the planeshifts
 +were carried out. When the planeshifts had been completed, Vizier
 +Hajama ibn Abd al-Waqadah, the God of Courage, was among those who
 +were most disturbed, for the change that he saw was not one that he
 +had been warned of.
 +### The Tale of al-Karakas' Ring
 +Four plain golden rings were forged, one for each of the four heroes.
 +Sharwin al-Hukra, the Wind/Sea mage. Her brother, Talgen, the corsair,
 +and his corsair friend, just going by al-Karakas. They had been joined
 +by an outland warrior, Sir Bradford, who carried the legendary
 +They each had their names carved into their rings. And swore to always
 +wear them as they were meant to be the everlasting party.
 +They kept on coming up from night to night, but one night they had all
 +been at their lodgings, when the evil spirit of wanderlust that was in
 +them gathered them all together, and took them to the palace, where
 +the pumpkin-headed queen was sitting on her throne.
 +Al-Karakaras was Treasury, and was the first to wear the ring, but
 +many of the Masters of the trade are not great, and know well enough
 +all the plots of the Enemy, having been appointed by him. He is the
 +First to salvage the sheep of the Desert, and to wander over more
 +lands than any other, for a simple desire to see the light, and a
 +desire to have the best of the best of the apples for his fellow
 +sa'luks to eat.
 +### The Tale of the Watch Captain
 +Krag is what they call me.
 +Two times every day, Eli had looked out over the dead horizon. I had
 +watched him, almost every time, seen the rays of sun dance over his
 +neck of sand and earth, as he looked out over the water. His name for
 +the sea was his roaring, crashing danger.
 +That danger was not how he died.
 +Neither the waves nor the dunes claimed him. Humanity did.
 +A man with white clothes, a red sash, and a silver ring with a golden,
 +embedded symbol of a scimitar had struck him down. Openly in the
 +street. Apprehended immediately, of course, by the confused guards.
 +With Gellan al-Pirwa, the godfather of smuggler bands, still in jail,
 +the guards were lost at sea with Mahnaz in exile and Eli dead.
 +Jumlat's influence over Safaq is slipping rapidly, and perhaps that's
 +for the best. I was never as invested as Eli was in the sultan and his
 +affairs. I was happy to work with my hands and shovel during the day,
 +and read into the wee hours by candlelight in the evening.
 +I feel just lost as lost as the guards, as Safaq as a whole. I haven't
 +looked over Eli's financials yet or how I'm gonna pay for this place.
 +I am still living in his house. I still use my own room. I still read
 +Eli's books. I still use his towels, still eat off his plate. I am
 +still stretched on his grave.