Do you go to the dungeon?

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I need to face facts that I'm not gonna catch up writing tales any time soon. Maybe I will someday, maybe never, but for now we need to sort things out sonwe can know what the current date is in Zakhara. For the missing sessions, I'll write up a more rough summary that involves some guessing. Then be a little more careful going forward.

Interim Diary

There are two timelines. A-team and B-team. If we bring in other teams they will get their own timelines. When two teams cross paths the team that's furthest back in the past will have mandatory downtime (with random "what happened" events) to catch up.


The A-team is currently just outside the tent camp of the house of Dhi'b, proooobably better known as "The Sons of the Wolf".

Their mission: to bring back Mamun bin Harun bin Hamid.

And, with the help of the life-changing magic of efreets, they managed to find him, or rather, he (and Jalara al-Jamil, pirate queen of Durrar), managed to find them, shipwrecked on Anklis island.

The current party is Fari, Abu, Aman, and Hidi from the House of Dhi'b, and Jalara.

On their way back they discovered Azim Island, home of the cult of the Blood Eye, one of the several blood cults that have been sighted since the new elemental plane of blood was found. They carefully left the island.

They traveled through Ajayib, the City of Wonders, in disguise. An adventurer, Ulysses, who they had met on Anklis Island and accompanied them on Azim Island, parted ways with the party there. (I don't remember what deal you made with him re how to find him again.)

Almost at their own home, they ran into an exiled tribe member, Meket, who tried to start a rebellion against the clan leader, Sheikh Anwat "The Skeleton" al-Makkar.

They left Mamun to spy on him but when they returned, he was dead, and the party killed Meket in retaliation. Yes, Mamun, their old mentor, and Aman's teacher, was dead.

So it's with heads hung low in shame, and an exhaustion level each, the A-team returns to Dhi'b.

There's been six sessions of A-team since The Day of the Moth. Four before Jalara returned and two after. It's been 34 days diegetically since The Day of the Moth. Current date: 5th of Mihla, 1494. (I need to do two domain turns.)


There's been some near-TPKs. Current party: Alabar, Haquut, Clever Copper and Thirsty Salt.

Alabar's bard cousin Showa is on Pixie Island. The party's current location is Shipwreck Island and it's been six days (five sessions of B-team) since The Day of the Moth. Safaq's Haikyah temple (founded by the Brine Hand) have been taken over by an Istishia cult based on abd-Yson Island. Current date: 7th of Gammam, 1494.

Current date 11th Gammam — Thirsty Salt, Clever Copper and Haaqut have one level of exh. They are in the Sal'uk Meadhall in Jumlat